Spring Training Game 27: Mets Get Another Win

The Mets picked up another win yesterday against the Cardinals. The Mets only scored 3 runs, which is unusual for them this spring but still got the win behind a stellar start from Dillon Gee who pitched 7.0 innings allowing 2 ER and striking out 3. He allowed a lot of base runners (7 hits and 3 walks) but didn’t allow them to hurt him too much. Additional notes:

  • Alvarez had a successful LOOGY outing facing one batter and striking him out
  • Gilmartin faced two batters and struck both of them out
  • Lagares had a surprisingly quiet game at the plate going 0-3. I only personally saw his first AB where he hit the ball well but Heyward tracked it down.
  • Granderson went 2-2 with two doubles and a walk
  • Duda went 3-4, all singles. He had 5 hits in two games between Saturday and Sunday
  • Reynolds also picked up a hit as he looks to have an inside track now for second base

The story of the game was Dillon Gee. Dillon is having an excellent spring and is looking to shatter our expectations for him. I forget how high my expectations were for Gee before last season and he’s starting to make me remember.

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