Spring Training Game 26: Mets Beat Up On The Nationals

I know its Spring Training. I know the games don’t count. But the Mets struggled so much against the Nationals last year, Saturday’s game brought a lot of hope. The Mets had good pitching on Saturday and showed off a lot of power:

  • Granderson and Wright went back to back with homers off of Strasburg.
  • Monell and Duda each hit homers off of Roark later in the game
  • In addition to the homers, Tejada, Reynolds, Flores and den Dekker all had doubles
  • In addition to the doubles and homers, d’Arnaud and Duda both tripled.
  • More impressive than the offense was deGrom who pitched 7.0 innings allowing only one earned run (a homer from Harper) while striking out 4

It was a good day for the Mets. We are now a week out from Opening Day and the Mets are looking locked in. I know the games don’t count but I’m hoping this carries on to the regular season.

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