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Spring Training Game 25: Mets Drop One Against The Cardinals

The Mets are closing in on the start of the 2015 season as they took the Harvey Day show on the road to the Cardinals. Harvey did well allowing one run over 4.1 innings throwing about 80 pitches, 58 of them for strikes, and striking out 5. Let’s take a peak at the rest of the Mets squad:

  • Torres had an ok outing allowing 2.1 innings and one earned run
  • Gilmartin was given a classic LOOGY outing and nailed it facing one batter and striking him out
  • Mejia didn’t have the greatest outing allowing a three run homer in 0.2 innings of working
  • Granderson continued his hot streak getting two hits in 3 ABs
  • Cuddy had another double as he continued his impressive spring (he also had a homer that was robbed)
  • Campbell added two hits in four AB’s as he continues to try to break onto the 25 man

For the most part yesterday the offense was off, but they had a strong end of the game to make it close.

Gilmartin has had an impressive last two weeks as he moved himself from not having a shot at all of making the roster to looking like one of the Mets better options (which isn’t too tough, we don’t have many options for lefties out of the pen).

Spring Training Game 24: Bowman Throwing his hat in the Ring

The title is a little sensational, right now there is really a place for Bowman on the team, but yesterday he had a nice start against the Nationals pitching 5.0 innings allowing 2 hits, a walk and striking out 4 batters. In addition to Bowman’s strong performance:

  • Familia did not have a good outing allowing 3 ER and 4 hits over 0.2 innings
  • Mejia had a good inning allowing a hit and striking out one and doing nothing else
  • Alvarez had a good outing pitching a clean inning
  • Lagares only had one hit, but it was a homer, his third of the spring
  • Flores was back in the lineup and went 1-3, Mayberry also collected a hit
  • Reynolds went 2-2 and had a homer

The Mets offense picked it up towards the back half of the game yesterday maintaining their awesome BA, OBP and run scored they’ve shown throughout the spring. Getting closer to Opening Day!

Spring Training Game 23: Mets Beat the Yankees, Offense Comes Back

The Mets and Yankees met again yesterday and the Mets won 7-2 behind some strong offense and timely pitching. In case you missed the game (where the WOR booth talked about buying legumes from Bed, Bath and Beyond) here are some highlights:

  • Lagares picked up two more hits including a homer and a double. If he hits a shade of what he is doing right now, think about how crucial he’ll be this season
  • Tejada cooled off a bit, going 0-4
  • Mayberry added two hits and another homer. Here’s hoping he’s closer to Scott Hairston for the Mets rather than Chris Young.
  • d’Arnaud smacked two hits
  • Reynolds added a double
  • Castellanos went 0-3 with 3 K’s…ouch.
  • Montero pitched 4.0 innings allowing one hit (a homer) while walking none and striking out 3
  • Gilmartin pitched 1.1 innings not allowing anything and striking out two batters

Montero is making things interesting for the Mets. It looks likes he has been tapped to join the major league roster and right now he looks to be a relief pitcher. However if he keeps pitching strong and someone falters, maybe he squeezes himself into the rotation.

Fresno Grizzlies Remove “2017 Astros World Champions” Promotions

Yesterday the Fresno Grizzlies announced they were going to celebrate the 2017 World Series Champions, the Houston Astros this season. The night would include Back to the Future themed Jerseys and replica world champion rings for the fans.


It sounds like the jerseys are still on, but the rings won’t be happening anymore.

I can see the arguments for both sides of this debate. On the positive, its fun to have confidence and in a world where promotions are becoming less and less unique, this stands out (even the jerseys aren’t unique as tons of minor league teams are doing ridiculous jerseys this year because of how easy it is to do them cheaply). On the negative, it could be a jinx.

Honestly, I find it hard to see how this promotion does anything for the Fresno or Astros brand positively or negatively in the long term. If the Astros win, people won’t think more of the Grizzlies for “predicting” it. If the Astros don’t win, very, very few people would actually seriously blame the minor league team for jinxing the major league club.

I wonder though, in an age before twitter, if this promotion actually happens. Twitter now provides teams with immediate feedback on their ideas.

Spring Training Game 22: Wright, Gee stay on it, Offense Cools Off

The Mets lost their first meaningless game in a string of meaningless games today but it wasn’t all super meaningless. David Wright smacked his third homer of the Spring and Gee pitched four scoreless innings. In addition to Gee and Wright:

  • Cuddyer didn’t homer, but he added his 4th double of the season
  • Alvarez allowed a hit and struck out one in one inning of work
  • Thorton allowed a run for the first time in a while, Torres allowed two runs in an inning
  • Familia had a clean inning of work
  • Captain Kirk went 0-3 with three strikeouts

Leather Rocket was sent to the minor league camp recently, so Alvarez’s outing becomes more important. The Mets are still looking for their LHP and Alvarez is starting to get his game together at the right time.

Spring Training Game 21: Hits Keep Coming

The Mets won their 8th game that doesn’t matter in their last 11 games that don’t matter putting them in a tie for second place in a league were standings don’t matter. How did they do it? Let’s take a look:

  • Lagares had a cold day at the plate going 0-4 with a run, but is still hitting .375 in spring
  • Granderson continued to stay hot getting three hits in four AB’s, raising his BA to .452
  • Wright also cooled off going 0-4 but that dropped his BA only to .300
  • Cuddyer went 2-4 hitting another homer. That’s 5 this spring
  • Muno also went 2-4 raising his BA to .400 as he continues to lock in a spot in the Mets depth chart
  • Campbell went 1-3 with 2 walks and scored 3 runs
  • Recker finally woke up and went 3-4
  • Tejada went 1-4 adding in his 6th double of the spring
  • deGrom allowed 2 ER over 4 innings striking out 5 batters
  • Leather Rocket faced one batter and struck him out as he tries to hang around the LHP conversation

The Mets are getting closer to the season, can the offense stay hot two weeks from now?

Spring Training Game 20: Harvey Harvey Harvey

Harvey is the best news to combat injury news. Wheeler is out for the season? Murphy to start on the DL? Flores in a walking boot although x-rays are negative? How about Harvey pitching 5.2 innings allowing 2 hits and striking out 4 while keeping the Yankees scoreless? Boom! In addition to Harvey outing:

  • Gilmartin is starting to put that terrible start to spring behind him. He pitched 1.2 innings of scoreless ball allowing a walk and striking out one
  • Lagares hit an inside the park homer, Duda hit his first homer of spring, Wright hit his second as did Campbell.
  • Overall Lagares had two hits, raising his BA to .417.
  • Granderson went 0-3, his first poor day at the plate in a while
  • Cuddyer added a double, raising his BA .333.
  • Reynolds, who may have a more important role on the team after Flores took a foul ball off the foot went 0-3

Lets keep this going!

Spring Training Game 19: Matz’s Last Hurrah In Major League Camp

Steven Matz got the start of the Mets today and did well pitching 2.2 innings allowing 1 earned run, 1 walk and striking out 1. At the end of the game, he was sent down the minor league camp as was expected at this point in spring. Lets take a look at what else happened today:

  • Thorton pitched another 2 innings allowing a hit and two walks but no runs lowering his spring ERA to 1.29
  • Leather Rocket had another LOOGY performance facing one batter and getting the out. Same with Alvarez
  • Lagares had two hits and a run. Both hits were doubles and he continues to fight for the lead off spot
  • Tejada also added two hits including his 4th double of the month
  • Duda also added a hit as he starts to rev his engine in spring
  • Mayberry added two hits and a double maintaining a .452 batting average this month
  • Muno also added two hits raising his BA to .400
  • Recker went 0-3 as his spring continues to struggle to shift into gear.

The injury bug is starting to hit the Mets, but at least they continue to get hits as some anxiety starts to build heading closer to the beginning of the season.

Ballpark Food 2015: Arizona Diamondbacks Churro Dog

The Diamondbacks have found a dessert companion to go with their Dback Dog from last year:


Breaking this down, this is a churro in a chocolate glazed doughnut topped with frozen yogurt, whip cream and a chocolate/caramel drizzle. The ESPN article linked above, which is  worth reading because it contains notes from Chef, clocks the dessert dog in at just above 1100 calories.

So it’s an extravagant dessert. Part of the reason it looks so nice in the photo is the clean, simple plating. I’m wondering how it will look at the ballpark, especially considering it’s part frozen (thus simple cardboard would need to be lined) and it looks like has some weight (and structure) to it.

Spring Training Game 18: Grand Day For Granderson

Coming off of a double win on Thursday, the Mets had another win on Friday. Let’s take a peak at some of the important moments in the game:

  • Granderson went 3-3 with a run, two RBI’s and a double. He’s now hitting .458 in Spring
  • Wright added a hit and is quietly hitting .348 in spring. Duda got a hit, he’s hitting a quiet .118.
  • Cuddyer picked up another two hits including a homer now hitting his stride in his spring hot streak
  • Kirk was 0-4 and Flores was 0-3 as the hot hitters turned cold, but Kirk also made a game saving play at the end of the game
  • Colon allowed 2 earned runs off a homer in 4.2 innings where he struck out 5 batters
  • Torres had a tough outing allowing 2 earned runs over .2 innings.
  • Familia and Mejia had mostly clean outings.

Good things for the Amazin’s off a tough week. Hopefully it lasts.