Spring Training Game 29: All The Duda Day

The Mets won big yesterday against the Marlins by the score of 7-1 (I mean as big as a spring training game can be) as both Duda and Montero had monster days. The game was a little lost in all of the other news that came out about the Mets yesterday, so lets take a look:

  • Duda 2-3 with a double, a homer and 5 RBI’s
  • Flores added a double to his strong spring
  • Lagares, Wright and Cuddyer all had hits
  • Montero pitched 6.0 innings allowing only 2 hits while striking out 6.
  • Familia had a clean 0.2 innings
  • Mejia allowed a run in relief

Montero is forcing the Mets hand now. Does he go to the rotation? His stuff has been filthy. What happens to Gee? Gee has also looked very strong this spring? Who goes to the pen? The Mets now have two more arms in the pen, does that mean someone gets traded over the next week?

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