Astros To Move Out of National League, New Playoffs Looming?

According to MLB Trade Rumors and Drayton McLane today, the Astros will be moving to the AL West in 2013. This obviously means that the Astros will be out of the National League and probably means that the MLB will be moving, like many sources have been loudly whispering all summer, to a new playoff system next summer.

Even if a new playoff system does not happen in 2013, and it probably will, this does mean that league play will have to change in 2013. The two leagues will be balanced, with 15 teams in each league, meaning in order for there to be a full slate of games on the weekend, at least one team in each league will need to play interleague, so Baseball will be joining the ranks of every other major sport (although the other sports have the numbers that they don't need to do this).

I really don't have a comment about this, but just wanted to share it in case you were unaware. With all of the player rumors over the last few days, I didn't want this story to get lost in the shuffle.

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