Four Teams Making Nice Upgrades To Uniforms

It’s early in the offseason, but already 4 teams have announced uniform changes for next year, 2012, and they all look good, and for some teams they are major upgrades from what the team was wearing before.

We already took a look at what the Mets have done, and it was great. They went back to their 60’s look with a really clean uniform that looks classy.

Two of other teams with uniform changes went the same route. The Orioles also took the clocks back by bringing the cartoon bird back to their hats as a primary logo. The Blue Jays completely turned the clock back and their new uniforms and logo look really nice, especially to what they used to look like.

Finally the Marlins probably had the most dramatic change to their uniforms as they changed their name to the Miami Marlins, brought in totally new uniforms and colors to help mark their new stadium.

All of these teams will get a look at in their own article, but after a lot of joke uniforms in the league, a lot of bad looking alternate uniforms or softball style uniforms, its nice to see 4 teams majorly upgrade what they have and bring back the classic look to baseball (maybe not classic for the Marlins). When I think about baseball, I think about tradition and uniforms on the field play a big role in that.

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