2012 Uniform Changes: New York Mets

Baseball teams have started to roll out their new uniforms and it brings me great joy to write about the New York Mets, who made a few changes to their uniform set, and they are really good.

As you know, the Mets are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, thus have decided to retro their uniforms by removing the drop shadow. The drop shadow was the black shadow behind the word “Mets” and the name and numbers on the back of jersey. No surprise, with the drop shadow removed, the Jerseys look soooooo much cleaner.

Home White

Road Gray

Alternate Pinstripe

Alternate Black

They Mets also will have a new Batting Practice Hat and Jersey. There is no pic on the Jersey yet, but it will be, according to rumors so take with a grain of salt, solid blue with an orange ring at the end of the sleeves. Nice.

My favorite part of the Mets set is the new patch. They did a really good job making a clean looking patch with meaning that didn’t repeat the disaster in 2009. Also on the Road and Home White Jersey, it is the only patch on the sleeve, which makes the whole jersey look nice. The only placement of the patch I’m not thrilled about is on the back of the hats.

Overall, great uniform set!

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