Not Your Average Give-Away: May Minor League Edition

Promotions and the Minor League go together as well as anything and this time, I have four promotions in May that I had to share. First off, please don't hesitate to email me ( if you find any other wacky, crazy promotions or ceremonies in May. There are a lot of minor league teams out there and I did not look at everyone's promotional schedule. One thing I noticed when looking at promotional schedules for many teams, that many teams have devolved their promotions to just some cartoon character walking around the ballpark. Its nice to know that the teams listed here have some creativity left in their systems and to have that true spirit of Minor League Baseball.
We start off with May 1st where the Columbus Catfish are having the World Wide Web Birthday Celebration. There is not much I know about this promotion but apparently if you go to their website on May 1st, you can some good deals for the game, which is a birthday party for this great information super highway.
There is something funny about this next promotion. On May 8th, the Reading Phillies will be giving away a Ryan Howard Snow Globe where, inside, Howard is dressed like Santa Claus. Philly is the team that booed Santa Claus, so this promotion has a quirk just because it exists for the MLB team that it represents.
Akron Aeroes have a great way to get fans to come to the game on May 19. The tickets that night are free. Thats a great way to get people to come down to the ball park and spend money on food and merchandise. If its really successful for them, I wouldn't doubt that we will see other teams start to do this as well.
Finally on May 24, the Bowie Baysox are going for the record books. They are attempting to break the record for most people playing the kazoo at one time. This is a game I will try to attend. This also just screams Minor League Baseball Promotion.

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