Game 25 Preview

The Mets go for another three game winning streak and they will try to do this against the Pirates. The Mets have their ace going tonight, who lowered his ERA to 3.12 in last game. I was at his last game and he gave up a lot of hits, it wasn't until the sixth inning that he really started to settle down and be dominant (for his last two innings). That being said, his line still looked pretty good allowing only 2 runs over 7 (which goes to show that their is a difference between watching a game and looking at the box in the morning). Anyway, the last time that Santana pitched against the Pirates was in 2006 during Interleague play. I'll give you a guess how he did against the Pirates. He got the win, went 7 innings, posted a 1.29 ERA for that game, walked no one and struck out 5. Here are some Current Pirate hitting stats against Santana:
    Gomez 8-14
    Nady 1-9
    Bautista 0-9
I have always liked Gomez, who played off the bench for Baltimore for a few years. For the Pirates tonight, they have Ian Snell pithcing tonight who over 5 games and 30.1 IP, has a 2-1 record with a 4.45 ERA. The Right hander pitched against the Mets twice last year getting an 0-1 record over 11 IP. He posted a 7.36 ERA, 18 Hits, 9 earned runs. As a bright spot for the Pirates, he didn't walk any batter and struck out 12. Here are some Mets hitting stats against Snell:
    Reyes 3-12, 2B, 3B, RBI
    Delgado 2-7, 2B, RBI, BB
    Wright 1-7, RBI
    Chavez, 3-3, 2B
If for some reason, the Mets need to pinch hit while Snell is still pitching, these stats suggest that Chavez should get the nod (although I believe all three AB are from the same game, but 3-3 means that he is getting some sort of good look of Snell's pitches).
Lets Go Mets!

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