Post Game 24

Usually I do not do a post game unless I was at the game, but several profound things happened today that warranted this post. The Mets needed to get this rubber game? Why? Its not September, its not for the division crown, it was not a make or break game but it was key game for building momentum. Consecutive games won, specially after a bad stretch (2 for 6 wins if you count yesterday) means that this team needs to get back on the right streak to help turn it around.
In the first inning, Reyes got in on a wild pitch. Albeit not the best way to get the runner in scoring position home, it worked and the Mets went up 1-0. The Mets then had a pretty good second inning that resulted in 2 runs. The reason this was “pretty good” and not great was because the Mets got a statistical anomaly, and did not pounce on it. You do not expect your pitcher to continue the inning, Nelson did just that and in a blink of the eye, the Mets had bases loaded, with one of their best hitters, who happened to be in a slump, at the plate. Wright could not do anything in this situation, and the inning ended.
Fast forward a bit now, when the game is 4-0 and then 4-3. With one out, the Mets get a runner, Castillo, on second base. This is a big AB for Wright, and personally, the AB that really made this the Mets game. They were up by one, and by a wild pitch had a runner now on 3rd with only one out. This is the type of AB that Wright needs to get an RBI some how. Thats exactly what happened, he singled and Castillo scored. The Mets then got that crucial 2 run cushion and Wright did his job by not allowing that runner to be left on base.
Delgado also woke up today. I'm not saying that this game will end all of his problems, but this could be the start of a nice streak for him, or it might not be. I don't know but at least it will silence the boo's for another day.
If the Mets can start to get the slumps of Reyes, Beltran, Wright and Delgado out of the way, they can really build this momentum that is necessary for any playoff bound team.
On a side note, nice power and hitting today by Castillo and Casanova. Casanova flashed power in Spring, leading the Mets with 3 and hopefully he can slug for some higher numbers until Schneider and Castro come back.

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