Bedard and Hunter

Continuing the watch on Hunter, has a good list of contracts that have been offered to him. Five teams have offered contracts to him, not including the twins and you can check out those teams at

About Bedard, I feel that this trade my work:
This is not a rumor this is not a fact, this is just an IDEA that I thought of, so there is no basis behind it.

The Orioles need two broad categories: position players (non catcher) and people for the penn, they have a superfulous amount of young starters.
I feel a trade of Milledge, Gomez, A. Hernandez and Heilman might work to get Bedard and Bradford. The only player the Orioles have in the Outfield is Markakis, who plays rightfield, Milledge can play left and Gomez seems destined one day for Center due to speed, that would help the Orioles by giving them a young talented outfield.
The Orioles pen really took a hit with Ray and Baez both being DL'ed for all of 2008 and part of 2009. Chad Bradford is not popular down here either, partally he went from being a specialist, which he excelled in  with the Mets in 2006, to being a setup in 2007, which he really couldn't execute in. The Mets could use him again. Heilman would probably be a closer with the Orioles or even possibly a starter, so that works for both sides.
The Orioles are going to trade Tejada this offseason, they are going to need a shortstop. They have brandon fahey, but he really cannot play everyday. A plattoon of Hernandez and Fahey might actually work.

For the Mets, its pretty obvious. They get Bradford back as a specialist and they get a Cy Young canditate pitcher who is a power pitcher. Bedard goes for strikeouts, which will really revolutionize the rotation on the Mets.

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