Tori Hunter Aftershocks

Peter Schmuk wrote an excellent editorial today in the Baltimore Sun, about how a combination of Hunter sigining and Miguel Cabrera on the market will effect the trading market, especially for Oriole players. To summarize in brief, the Orioles cannot trade Tejada at this moment since Cabrera is higher on the chain than Tejada. The Cabrera possibly trade is effected by the Hunter signing because the Dodgers were supposed to be big players for Hunter, and now they need to make a big splash to go along with new manager Torre. In the long run, this still means that Tejada will be traded, just it will happen after Miguel is traded.

How does this effect the Mets? In terms of a possible trade with the Twins for Santana, the Twins have to wait and see if the Dodgers trade all of their chips for Miguel, if they dont, then it will be easier for the Mets to make a move. Regarding Bedard, Oriole fans are getting frustrated and they want something to happen. The waiting will make deals that the Mets propose seem better. Also, if the Dodgers trade for Miguel Cab. that means Tejada will most likly go to the Angels. The Angels will most likely trade pitching, which means the Mets can offer Outfielders.

Now if the Doders do not get Cabera, then they will probably offere big chips like Matt Kemp for Bedard. This in turn would hurt the Mets chances for Bedard, but maybe could help their chances for Santana.


This is going to be a craz winter trade rumor wise.

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