Tori Hunter

I really have not been paying much attention to Tori recently, partially because I know he has no interest in the Mets and the Mets really have no interest in him.

As much of a soap opera as Arod was, Tori is beginning to become a soap opera as well. I was reading some of the articles about him today over at

Apparently, the Chicago Tribune reported that Hunter would sign with the White Sox this week. He claims that he never said that. He was actually having dinner with the Rangers last night, who have made it known to Hunter and the rest of the league that Tori Hunter is the top priority. According to, they have been talking a five year deal.

The dodgers are not out of it either for Hunter. The dodgers can make a splash with Cabera at third base OR Bedard as a starter (even with their superflous amount of talent to trade, I really doubt they have enough to trade for both), and they are lookign to add a big name FA in centerfield.

The Oriole fan in me is biased here because the Orioles NEED Bedard for people to come to the ballpark. At this point, they have to construct a team around Bedard and Markakis. I feel as though the stock for Tejada is even falling now during the offseason and they have to make a trade.

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