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Brooklyn Cyclones to Wear Darth Maul’s Giant Face

The Brooklyn Cyclones are running their second Star Wars night in August, this year year having the team wear Darth Maul’s giant face across the front of their uniforms:

A few notes about this jersey that separates it from other Star Wars nights across the USA:

  • No one has just worn a character’s face (not including R2D2 jerseys, but they are wearing his body technically, not his face)
  • No one has worn a jersey with the Star Wars language as a font. I’m pretty surprised it took someone this long to think of that idea.
  • A few other teams have worn a Sith logo, it was also nice to see the Cyclones change their patch to the same colors.
  • It’s an odd look to have the face motif continue on the back.

Furthermore the cyclones are giving out a bobblehead of their mascot as Jedi.

Look Star Wars nights are starting to lose their novel factor since so many teams do them now, but they are still a lot of fun and a change of pace (I’d still argue that they are novel) so I’m glad to see the Cyclones do something bold to set them apart slightly from other teams.


Now only if a team could do the Power Rangers…

August 2012: National League Promotions

What interesting promotions are the teams in the National League giving away this month? Let’s take a look:

Reds: Mascot Cup. Great for little kids, but children up to 14 can get one…interesting or terrifying?

Cardinals: It’s interesting that more teams don’t give out replica tickets (or in the case of the Mets, sell them):

Astros: Giving away a jersey, so automatic entry here:

Giants: Without fail, the Giants always keep up the important tradition of giving out pins. Also a ridiculous bobblehead:


Diamondbacks: If you watch all 18 innings, you get this awesome pin! Hope that neither game goes into extras, otherwise this pin will be a lie:

August 2012: American League Promotions

The Dog Days of Summer! What are teams in the American league offering fans coming to the ballpark before school starts up?

Tampa Bay Rays: Uh…what?

Baltimore Orioles: A T-shirt has to be special to make it onto this list, since T’s are a common giveaway. This one is special:

Texas Rangers: Two fantastic, unusual bobbleheads this month:

Oakland Athletics: What makes this bobblehead unique is that it has the radio call in it so it also makes noise. Nice.

Los Angeles Angels: File this under extremely practical:

July 2012 Promotions: National League

As we established yesterday, I forgot to do my monthly tour around the Majors looking for the best promotions, so I’m doing it now! Yesterday we took a look at the American League and today we will take a look at the National League.

Washington: Cheers Mate. How ’bout a beer stein?

Pittsburgh: This takes the cake for unusual, it’s an inner tube!

St. Louis: Rings!

Houston: For Burke’s 18th inning winner. Cool event to memorialize:

San Francisco: SNAP WATCHES

Los Angeles: A Double Bobble!

Arizona: A couple of interesting hits from D-backs this month:

July 2012 American League Promotions

Oops, July came by and I forgot to write the monthly tour around the majors for interesting promotions. Better late than never right? So today we are going to go through the offerings of the American League:

Baltimore: People who follow this blog know that teams giving away a jersey automatically get a shoutout here, as the Orioles will be doing this month. Also, Baltimore is taking on nice twist to their normal floppy hat night. The top of the hat has the Maryland Flag!

Minnesota: People who follow this blog also know that the other way to get an automatic mention is to give away a collectible lapel pin:

Kansas City: Chips and Dip platter? Can the Mets PLEASE DO THIS? Oh and check out this sweet Buck O’Neil Bobble:

Texas: A Nolan Ryan Snow Monkey? Plus automatic Jersey Post.

Oakland: Sweet Oakland Oaks Hat:

Angels: An inflatable chair? In the college world, this would mean if an entire apartment went, that apartment would now have furniture. Also automatic jersey post:


Seattle: You know I never thought of a manicure set as a baseball promotion but whatever. Also a double bobble!

Buffalo Bisons 2012 Stars Wars Night (AKA BEST PROMOTION NIGHT EVER)

One of the best nights of the year in Buffalo is Star Wars night. As always, this years uniforms look AWESOME:


Anyway in addition to this, Bisons fans will be treated to a lot of major league players tonight as Moyer makes his start for the Tides, and Miguel Tejada and Brian Roberts should be making rehab starts for the Tides as well while the Bisons will have Mejia on the mound to start.

Oh, and there will be an on field lightsaber battle after the game. I really wish I was in Buffalo tonight.

June 2012 Promotions: Mets

Now that we have walked through the other 29 teams, its time to look at what specifically the Mets will be doing in the month of June:

June 2nd: Visor

June 3rd: Mets Hall of Fame Day!..and Cap!

June 17th: Keith Hernandez Bobblehead! No photo yet

June 23-25: Cap Trade (No Photo Yet)

It’s a pretty chill month for the Mets, but it looks like they’ll be giving away some decent stuff in June.

June 2012 Promotions: American League

Part two of our journey as we look into the oddities that the American League will offer this month:

Yankees: As stated yesterday, I love pins and jerseys, and the Yankees are giving away the former:

Tampa Bay Rays: This is just creepy.

Chicago White Sox: The free jerseys in June continue:

Kansas City: Outside of the Taco Bell logo on the side, this is a great looking cap:

Minnesota: More Jerseys in June:

Oakland: SOCKS! And Chia Pets?

Seattle: The Mariners are celebrating Felix Hernandez fans by giving away a bobblehead of Felix wearing one of the fan shirts:

June Promotions 2012: National League

Memorial Day is behind us, which means summer is here! Schools are letting out, and ballparks are trying to get as many people in as possible. Today we start our three day journey to see what different teams will offer their fans. Today we are going to view the National League:

Miami: As you know, pins and jerseys get me every month. The Marlins are giving out a nice Heath Bell Jersey:

Washington: Same thing as Miami:

Cincinnati: I forgot which team did this last year, but it was awesome. Reds are doing it this year:

St. Louis: June is the month of the free jersey:

Dodgers: Not only is this a cool bobble, its of Mike Scioscia, and Mike’s team is playing the Dodgers that night.

Arizona: Is having a Star Wars day, which is awesome.

May Promotions 2012: Mets

Finally in our monthly tour of promotions, what are the Mets up to this month?

May 4th: Collector’s Cup (Honestly, I don’t understand this)

May 5th: Seaver Bobblehead make up

May 6th: Draw String Backpack (MLB Network – Everyone is doing this)

May 15th: T-Shirt Tuesday

May 25th: Cap

May 26th: Rusty Staub Bobblehead