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Uniform Change: White Sox Wear Pink Caps

The White Sox on Saturday wore pink hats for Breast Cancer Awareness.

In recent years, Mother’s Day in the MLB has turned into pink equipment day for Breast Cancer awareness starting with bats and moving to cleats and gloves over time. No one has worn pink hats before because turning the hat pink is now really a uniform change.

The question becomes is this a test run for a league wide thing next year? There’s nothing to suggest that the league was in control of this decision to do this, but it seems like something the league would use in their defense if they tried to implement it league wide next year.

My complaint about this, is similar to my complaint about Stars and Stripes Hats, Military Uniforms, etc. When merchandise is shrouded in topics that are difficult to talk about and parse out of personal feelings, like the military or cancer, criticism is usually dismissed as not having a heart or not being patriotic. Basically, why does the support cancer message on the field have to be allowed by the league with official gear? This goes back to the Mets still not being allowed to wear FDNY and NYPD hats on 9/11.

Brooklyn Cyclones to Wear Darth Maul’s Giant Face

The Brooklyn Cyclones are running their second Star Wars night in August, this year year having the team wear Darth Maul’s giant face across the front of their uniforms:

A few notes about this jersey that separates it from other Star Wars nights across the USA:

  • No one has just worn a character’s face (not including R2D2 jerseys, but they are wearing his body technically, not his face)
  • No one has worn a jersey with the Star Wars language as a font. I’m pretty surprised it took someone this long to think of that idea.
  • A few other teams have worn a Sith logo, it was also nice to see the Cyclones change their patch to the same colors.
  • It’s an odd look to have the face motif continue on the back.

Furthermore the cyclones are giving out a bobblehead of their mascot as Jedi.

Look Star Wars nights are starting to lose their novel factor since so many teams do them now, but they are still a lot of fun and a change of pace (I’d still argue that they are novel) so I’m glad to see the Cyclones do something bold to set them apart slightly from other teams.


Now only if a team could do the Power Rangers…

2014 Uniform Change: Boston Red Sox Go Gold

In what has now become expected, the reigning World Series Champion wears gold in their first game of the season, which is also (usually) the ring ceremony. Today in their home opener, the Red Sox will don hats with a gold outlined B and jerseys with a gold outlined “Red Sox”. The picture below is from the Boston twitter account:

I’m not really a fan, but if the Mets won the World Series, then I would be a fan of this. I guess you can put this in the bucket of the Red Sox have won the World Series three times while I’ve been alive and the Mets have made the playoffs three times.

2014 Uniform Changes: Tampa Bay Rays Celtic BP

The Rays also have the Celtic BP Jersey, so I thought it would be nice to see them in green again:


Except not. Because green does not work with the Rays mark and color set.

2014 Uniform Changes: Mariners Celtic BP Jersey

Seattle joins the St. Patrick’s day celebration with their Celtic BP:


Seattle had a good shot at looking good in this jersey because they have green in their color set, granted it is more forest and less kelly. This doesn’t look bad. The only adjustment I would make is either make “Mariners” white so it matches the under panels, or make the under panels silver.

2014 Uniform Change: Pirates Celtic BP Jersey

The Pirates are other PA team to don a Celtic BP Jersey:


The Pirates Jersey suffers from the same problem that a lot of the jerseys in this series have. Too many colors. Black and Yellow don’t go well with white and green.

2014 Uniform Changes: Phillies Celtic BP Jersey

The Phillies are also joining the crew of Celtic BP Jerseys:


I’m not a fan, and it’s not just because I’m a Mets fan. If it was just a Red Phillies, and stars were also red, then it would look fine, not great but passable. They should have changed the color scheme to orange. The jersey would look a lot cleaner.

2014 Uniform Change: New York Mets Celtic BP Jersey

I know Mets fans are all over their uniform news, and this has been known for a few weeks now, but for some reason I decided to do this article series in alphabetical order, so here are the Mets:


The Mets are the only team to really change the front script of the jersey for this going with the white inside and the orange outline. It was a smart move. It looks more St. Patrick’s Day-ish.

2014 Uniform Change: Brewers Celtic BP Jersey

The Brewers have also joined the Celtic BP Jersey parade:


I’m not a fan of this one. The other colors on the Brewer’s logo don’t pop on a green Jersey. I know they had to use their BP font on the front, but if they used some of the other scripts, it may have looked a lot better.

2014 Uniform Change: Dodgers Celtic BP Jersey

I mentioned this Jersey yesterday, and then realized that I never actually showed it. Anyway, the Dodgers have a BP Jersey as well for St. Patrick’s Day:

It looks good! For exact reason that we said yesterday, only have a white front. Although, the red numbers on the front wouldn’t look bad either and set it apart from some of other celtic BP’s.