Reviewing Baseball America’s 2020 Top 30 Mets Prospects: #25 Daison Acosta

Note on the Series: A tradition at 213 Miles From Shea is walking through Baseball America’s Top 30 Mets prospects, one year after the list comes out. The BA printed book is generally out of date immediately when it’s published, especially when BVW was at the helm trading away prospects. Our goal with this series is to check in with how the prospects are doing. Some of them have been traded away. Because of the pandemic, minor league games did not happen last year, so we are also missing stats. Staying on top of the Minor League camp was not something I did last year, so when appropriate, I’ll link to the actual experts.

Daison Acosta was an international signing in 2016 right before his 18th birthday. Daison might have been a household name going into Spring Training this year if minor league baseball was a thing last year. Before the 2020 season, Baseball America noted how he ran through Brooklyn in 2019 finishing the year in Columbia (with some struggles). BA notes that he has a fastball in the low 90’s that has some sink and his slider is strikeout pitch. They project that Acosta would be a back of the rotation starter or reliever (not elite). Acosta was not listed as a Top 30 Prospect before the 2019 season.

So his numbers are not that remarkable – except for Brooklyn in 2019. In 4 games (and 3 starts) he pitched 18.1 innings with a 0.98 ERA, 6 BB and 25 K’s. He also posted a 0.818 WHIP. So the Mets shoved him up to the next level where he made 11 starts over 52.1 innings with a 5.33 ERA and a 1.452 WHIP (not his worse WHIP in the minors).

A few days ago he was added to the Brooklyn Cyclones roster – so he’ll open the season at the new version of high A ball, which seems right for his age and development.

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