Get To Know a 2021 Non-Roster Invitee: Matt Allan

Each year at 213 we look through the Non-Roster Invitees to spring training and get to know them a bit. Are they in camp to get a look at big league hitting/pitching to aid their development? Are the Mets just trying to get a better look at a future rookie? Are they a veteran trying to get back to the major league level? What can we expect from them this season?

Matthew Allan falls under the “future rookie” bucket. He’s part of a large group of Mets NRI’s that are exciting prospects, looking to get more exposure as the Mets try to reevaluate what is left of the farm system after BVW.

The Mets drafted Matt Allan in round three back in 2019 making waves because of the amount of money that Allan was requesting. He was aiming to sign for 4 million and had a commitment to University of Florida. The combination of these two kept him on the draft board until the Mets third pick when they went after him and then drafted college seniors with less leverage for the next several rounds. The Mets ended up signing Allan for 2.5 million, in a slot that was valued around 670 thousand. Most draft profiles mention Allan’s plus fastball, plus 12-6 curve and in progress changeup .

Allan didn’t see a tremendous amount of action in 2019, pitching in 5 games and 4 starts in the Gulf Coast league with a 1.08 ERA. He allowed 5 hits and 1 run while walking 4 and striking out 11. He was then promoted to Brooklyn for one start, 3.3 years younger than the average player at 18 years old where he allowed 2 runs and 5 hits in 2.0 innings of work.

Allan is currently listed as the Mets fourth best prospect on with a 2023 arrival date. On a 20-80 scale they give him:

  • Fastball 65
  • Curveball 60
  • Changeup 55
  • Control 55
  • Overall 50

Ultimately Allan has a lot of what you can’t teach, “Big, strong and physical. with present stuff” according to

Here’s what we are looking for in Allan this spring – just to pitch! There’s very, very little chance that he makes the team at all in 2021, let along break camp with the Mets. He’s here to face major league batters. Hopefully gets to hang around camp a bit longer. With the Mets facing NL East foes so often in Spring, it would be nice to see Allan make some starts towards the end of spring when regular, major league hitters are playing more and we are trying to hide our starters.

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