The Texas Rangers have changed their entire jersey top set and for the most part it is a large improvement. As a Mets fan, I am also a hater of drop shadow. When you have a team like the Rangers who already force three colors in their typeface, drop shadow can become a huge detractor. Removing it really helps:

The left is the new jersey and the right is the old. In addition to dropping the drop shadow, the color scheme order has also changed. It makes the font look larger and cleaner. Huge improvement.

Left is new, right is old. In the blue uniform, Texas got rid of the odd, grey 3D effect. Result is a cleaner looking jersey. Here is the rest of the new uniform set:

We haven’t seen a lot of new uniforms yet this off-season, and this the first team this off season to completely redo the uniform set and it looks good! (I mean, their competition for new uniforms is a new Kansas City Alternate and that awful new Mets alternate).

(All images from the Texas Rangers online shop at