2014 Uniform Changes: New York Mets (New Monday Uniform with Picture)

The Mets announced today that they will be honoring the military on home Monday night games this upcoming season with tickets for veterans and their families…and a new on the field jersey.

I’ll probably write more about this later this week (I’m holding off right now to see if any other team shows anything today) (Opinion here. There will be more of these jerseys apparently shown this off-season and my opinion will still be the same).

The jersey is essentially the inverse of the camo jerseys that the whole league wore last year with a camo back and normal Mets print. The Mets official twitter feed released the photo:

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8 Responses to 2014 Uniform Changes: New York Mets (New Monday Uniform with Picture)

  1. I am all for tix for the military and their families. They should be available (also for first responders) every day of the week. But we don’t need this jingoistic uniform change. And we don’t need anyone singing God Bless America either.

  2. JOE says:


  3. Nilda says:

    u r doing a great thing.The Mlitary deserverse that n more.

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  5. Craig Prager says:

    As long as it isn’t the damn “Los Mets” garbage, it’s fine with me.

    • Elliot Teichman says:

      I’ve been a pretty big fan of the “Los Mets” Jerseys since they upgraded from just being a patch that says “Los”.

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