2012 Uniform Changes: Toronto Blue Jays Celebrate Canada Day

The Blue Jays celebrate Canada Day!

On a side note, I think that all teams in baseball should be required to wear hats with Canadian Flags in them, since we force Canada to celebrate in our American Holidays across baseball. But I guess since a lot their stars and stripes hat have the Canadian Flag in them, we wear our American Flag? Anyway its another opportunity to pander the crowds! (If you don’t read this site so much, this is a very sarcastic statement as to my opinion about conflating politics and baseball)

All joking aside, being the only international team in the MLB comes with the responsibility to recognize the home country on it’s special day, so the Blue Jays will be wearing red versions of their awesome new 2012 uni’s:

Yes, all of their uniforms will say Canada on the back.

I like these uniforms. The color makes sense (obviously) and the base of the uniform is a nice look anyway, so changing the color doesn’t really take away too much.

Good work, America’s Hat, good work.

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