Winter Meetings Tuesday Morning Bullpen Notes

The Mets need a lot a lot for this upcoming season, and don't have a lot of money to spend on it. One of the key pieces they need is a Closer and possibly a set up man. Here is a quick update on the news surrounding pitchers the Mets have been connected to:

Matt Capps: Will Resign with the Twins, so not an option

Todd Coffey: Mets and Brewers have been connected in possible trade talks

Andrew Bailey: Nothing new on the Mets front, MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Red Sox have entered trade talks

Chad Quals: Mets have looked into the reliever

Dotel: Cardinals are pushing hard, and Dotel is interested. Reds and Brewers also entered into the discussion

The Mets price range is 8-10 million, which makes signing players like Frankie Rodriguez, Cordero, Lidge and Madson unlikely. We'll see how things break down today.

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