Could A Creative CF Solution Include Aaron Rowand?

Aaron Rowand was released by the Giants and is looking for a job right now. If he could be signed for a very cheap price, he could provide an interesting solution to our OF problems.

Pagan right now is the question mark in the outfield. A possibly solution, if the market is right, would be to go through the arbitration process with Pagan and trade him for 5 million dollars worth of prospects (assuming that will be the price of Pagan's contract) and then bring in Rowand on a cheap contract.

Roward had one gigantic year in Philly, and several solid ones (similar to his time in Chicago). His hitting fell apart in San Francisco, but at age 33, he could be an interesting piece to bring into Citi. If anything, he is the type of player that Terry Collins likes (putting his body in every play) and he could be a good influence on Duda and Murphy.

Also, in San Francisco, he never really had a lot of line up protection. Even though the Mets lineup is significantly weaker without Reyes, one has to feel that still have Wright, Bay and Murphy provide some protection he didn't have in San Francisco.

One of a few downsides of Rowand over Pagan is Pagan can be a leadoff hitter, something the Mets need now. However if the Mets can get a useful haul for Pagan, and cheap price on Rowand, this could be an intriguing situation.

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