The Changing AL West and MLB

The West has been changing this past week, and it may only continue to change.

Last week it became official that in 2013 that the Houston Astros would change divisions and join the AL West, making each league have 15 teams, and each division have 5 teams. When this happens, it will cause another major change to the MLB with an interleague game almost every day (So we can probably assume that those Interleague weekends are gone, unless they want to manufacture a weekend when everyone plays interleague, which could still happen).

The second major change that came out of the MLB this week is the playoff system, which may change in 2012, but definitely by 2013, where each league has 2 Wild Card and those two teams will play in a one game play off before the start of the Division Series. As Metsblog pointed out this week, if that rule was around in 2007 and 2008, the Mets would have made the playoff's.

The third change that the MLB made was CBA rules, which we'll look more at later.

Finally, the last change is going back to the AL West. Oakland is really trying to relocate to San Jose. I don't follow the AL West, so this is news to me. I knew that the A's were trying to get a new stadium in Fremont, I guess that fell through and they could get one in San Jose. The advantage of moving South would be they would split the market, the disadvantage is that it is hard to to think about Oakland without the A's and the Raiders, or moreover, it is difficult to think of A fans being ok with rooting for San Francisco.

There you go, your ever changing MLB, in short note form.

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