New Look Mets? Maybe? (Depends on the word, “New”)

If you look at the Mets roster right now:

1B – Davis

2B – Tejada / Turner / Murphy

SS – Reyes

3B – Wright

LF – Bay

CF – Pagan

RF – Murphy / F-Mart / Duda

C – Thole

SP – Santana, Capuano, Dickey, Gee, Mejia, Niese

Set Up – Izzy

Closer – Parnell

The Mets will look different in a lot of ways next year, even new, depending on how you define the word. First off, there a few players I would group in the category of “key” for the Mets: Reyes, Wright, Santana and Davis. Last season, the Mets tried to play without two of those key players in Santana and Davis. Just having those two players back makes this team look very different, even if the Mets do not do anything else.

The hinge of the entire off season is Reyes. If the Mets resign Reyes, awesome. If the Mets don't resign Reyes, I honestly do not think they will go look for someone else, especially another big ticket item. It looks like Tejada will take over for Reyes, which wouldn't be terrible, but you never want to lose a spark plug / batting champion.

Then there is the conversation about the outfield. Pagan may be changed, so may Duda. There is the possibility that the Mets may explore Sizmore or look at Upton. This is the area why I say the Mets have a new look, outside of the pen. If changes come to the outfield, then they will almost have to come via trade, which will change other areas of the team in unpredictable ways.

Finally there is the bullpen. There really is no point in analyzing this in October, because it almost always changes.

It may be time for some changes to the team. I fully welcome some new position players and new bullpen players to shake up this team a little bit and to work in with the youth injection that is inevitable in the pitching staff.

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