Catching Up With the New York Mets (Bay, Pitchers and New Dimensions)

I wanted to first address the lack of posts recently, and the lack of quality writing in September. I started my career as a teacher this year in Newark, NJ, so in the last few months I moved from Baltimore to Newark (now sorta in Mets territory!), and started a very difficult but rewarding job. If any of you know first year teachers, you know that the first year is a crazy amount of work, which stops me from writing about the Mets.

Anyway let's catch up with some very interesting news with the Mets, the Mets finally made it official that they are changing the dimensions of Citi Field. They are dropping the wall height from 16 to 8 feet, bringing some walls in and getting rid of the ridiculous Mo's Zone. This will definitely change the play of the field, especially for Wright who seems to bounce balls off the wall often, but it will also make a lot of other changes for the team.

At home, Bay seems to hit the ball to Left more than Right. Maybe this move takes off some stress for Bay who always seems just on the edge of breaking out. If anything, I would wait to try to trade Bay for another team's bust player until mid season because I think the combination of physical changes at Citi and mental changes will allow Bay to perform as well as the players around Bay to perform (in other words, this move will help Wright. If teams start to pitch around Wright, maybe they will have to give Bay more pitches to hit).

These wall changes will also change the pitching situation at Citi Field, which will still be a pitchers park. I would be very wary of the Mets making a big pitcher sign this offseason. For the most part these contracts for pitchers are too long and really are too risky. This is supported with the amount of young arms that are coming up through the system.

I'm ready for 2012, and 2011 still isn't over yet.

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