Bay Watch Part 3

Bill Madden for the NY Daily News wrote a very interesting piece regarding Jason Bay today that brings up a few good points that are worth discussing/sharing. The first main point he brings up is that Bay's original demands probably got him out of a position to play for the Red Sox, and now with Mike Cameron signing a contract, Bay's services are no longer needed.

The Market now has shrunk to just Bay and the Mets and while money is usually what seals a deal, Bay has some concerns about going to the Mets. The first is the dimensions of Citi-Field, which honestly I am sick of hearing. The Mets hit a very low amount of homeruns last season. They were injured and had no power in their lineup, so that was one of the main reasons for the Mets not hitting long ball. Second, there are statistics that show this! The Mets hit more homeruns at home than they did on the road (although that difference is small).

The more concerning aspect of Bay being hesitant to sign the contract is a general feeling that the Mets are projected to finish 3rd in the division. Now of course I am biased, but I think the Mets, if healthy by next season and with another starting pitcher, could very well be projected to at least finsih second in the division next season if they have Bay. It is so difficult to draw conclusions from last season and project them into next season because of the uncanny amount of injuries. The Mets lineup, with Bay, will be one of the best in National League if they are healthy. One more starter (or two more) can make the Mets into a contender.

While Bay to the Mets seems inevitable, I want Bay to be happy being with the Mets, not to feel obligated because they are team with the money. In other words, he needs to have Queen's in his heart.

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