Bay Watch Part 2

Since writing that article yesterday, the trade went through where Milton Bradley was sent over to the Mariners for Carlos Silvia, which means two things. First, the Cubs were able to get rid of their bad contract and got a bad contract that fits them better, which does leave some feelings of jealously of why we cannot do that. We have two perfectly bad contracts, (Castillo and Perez) and we have a lot of gaps that we can fill with other teams bad contracts instead, but that has nothing to do with the title of this article.

Anyway what that trade really means is at this point in time, the Mets real competition for Bay is themselves. The only other two teams that I could see as competition at this point would be the Angels, but they need to focus on starting pitching and the Orioles, who seem to creep into the conversation, and then leave.

In this regard, you can almost think of the Orioles as that guy at the party who you might be having a conversation with a few people and this person comes up, stays on the fringes, says something, but its awkward and out of place, and then a few minutes later leaves. That is what the Orioles are at this point. So at this point in time, its the Mets, Bay and the mystery team which is the Mets. Lets not bid against ourselves, like in the article last night, patience is the way to play this out right now.

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