The 2009 Winter Meetings Preview (Mets)

The Winter Meetings are almost upon us and there is a lot of noise in the air. In the past several days only one of the “larger” names have fell as Chrone Figgins has signed with the M's. There is a lot that will probably happen over the next few days as some of the bigger free agents will be causing a lot of noise (mainly Lackey and Holliday). Also there is Roy, who might be dealt.

Anyway there have some rumors on the interwebs that the two big announcements of the meetings will not be a free agent signing or a trade but will come from something else. Complete rumors are thinking that the announcement may have something with the Division Series being increased to 7 games, a change in locations for a team, replays or something along those lines.

We will have to wait for tomorrow to find out.

For a Mets Preview, check out my article here (Fan Huddle).

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