The New Mets Alternate Home Uniform 2010

The Mets will be wearing a cream/egg shell uniform at home this season as announced in an email to fans. The basic change between this uniform and the pinstripe uniform from 2009 is that this uniform is cream colored. Not White.

So while the change does look nice, it really does not accomplish its goals because it still has the names on the back, it isn't white (like the old pinstripes) (so the cream is basically a hey look we are wearing aged uniforms) and the black backdrop behind Mets still appears to be there.

The other flaw in the new uniform is the same flaw that many teams with cool base uniforms have. The under armpit area is all white because of the different material, so it detracts from the pinstripe look.

Besides these criticisms, the uniforms do look nice and it will be nice to see something different out there on the field.

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