Game Preview: Mets @ Yankees

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The Mets will try to put last night's tough loss behind them as they regroup, refocus, and get behind a new spot starter in the form of Nieve as they will have to battle against Pettite. Nieve has pitched two innings for the Mets this year and has allowed one hit and no runs. Last year for Houston he pitched 10.2 innings where he allowed 10 ER (in no starts). 2006 was a good year for him as he made 11 starts over 96.1 innings and had 4.20 ERA. In AAA this year he was 3-0 over 24.1 innings with a 3.70 ERA, 10 BB and 23 K. During his time in the majors he has no official ABs with the Yankees.

Pettite gets the call for the Yankees today and he is 6-2 on the year with a 4.22 ERA over 74.2 innings. In his last three starts he is 2-1 with a 3.94 ERA over 16.0 innings, 13 BB and 14 K. Last year against the Mets he was 1-1 with a 3.75 ERA over 12.0 innings (5 ER), 5 BB and 11 K. Here are some Mets stats against Pettite:
     Beltran 14-40, 3 2B, HR
     Wright 8-18, 2B, 2 HR
     Castillo 2-12
     Sheff 1-6
Lets Go Mets! Beat the Yankees!

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