Game Preview: Mets @ Yankees

The Mets and Yankees start another subway series tonight and there are so many story lines to be looking at. The first one is the one that has dominated the headlines (in respect to the Subway Series) since the beginning of the season which is that both teams have new Stadiums. However the recent similarities between these teams are also striking. Both teams are now in second place and both teams have just come off a losing series (the Mets 2-1, the Yankees got swept) against the first place team in the division. Both teams are ready to win to start off the next chapter of the Subway Series in New York.

The Mets will be going with not only one of their more reliable pitchers on the staff this season but the best pitcher in terms of his last three games and that would be Livan Hernandez. Hernandez is 5-1 on the season with a 3.88 ERA over 67.1 innings. In his last three games he has pitched 21.2 innings and has a 1.66 ERA. Last year he pitched one game against the Yankees and he struggled as he allowed 5 runs in 6 innings of work, no walks and one strikeout. Here are some stats the Yanks have on him:
     Arod 10-16, 4 2B, 3 HR
     Jeter 7-16
     Damon 2-13
     Posada 3-10
     Swisher 5-16
Its pretty clear what two batters he will have to be careful against. Also the entire staff will have to be weary Jeter who seems to always be his best when it comes to playing the Amazin's. It would be very helpful if the Mets scored runs against the Yankees to help back up Hernandez.

To do that, the Mets will have to take down Joba. He is 3-1 on the year with a 3.79 ERA over 59.1 innings and he is 2-1 over his last three games and 18.0 innings where he has a 4.00 ERA. Last year he pitched an inning against the Mets where he allowed two hits and a run. Here are the limited AB the Mets have against him:
     Reed 1-2
     Sheff 0-2
     Beltran 1-1, 3B
     Cora 0-1
     Wright 0-1
Part of the story for the Mets bats tonight is how they deal with the Coors Field of the East. This team hasn't shown much power, but Yankee Stadium plays like a softball park, so it will be interesting to see how the Mets do. Lets Go Mets! Beat the Yankees!

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