Uniform Change: Nationals

The Nationals have also announced several major changes to their uniforms for the upcoming 2009 baseball year. Lets start with their new away grays. They used have a very similar print of their home jerseys and say Washington, now they are taking it back and they say Washington in script (red). It looks like the old Senator script and its very nice looking, for this design change, it gets the thumbs up. They also have a DC patch on the sleeve.

They also announced that they now will carry two alternative uniforms. The first is a red jersey that is very similar to the old green alternative of the Rays, when they were the devil rays. In the upper left chest area there is a white curly W and then there is DC patch on the sleeve. The second alternative jersey is more out there, and is a little surprising in terms of the amount of detail on it. It is a navy jersey and in the upper left chest area there is a DC, but the DC is filled in with the American Flag. The sleep has the Nationals logo on it. The stripes down the front around the button are white and red, so its an interesting looking jersey.

Here is the MLB shop page with the jerseys if you want to see them.

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