Uniform Change: Orioles

The Orioles have changed their logo, hats, jersey's and patches slightly this year, and it looks very nice. It has been rumored for a while that the Orioles were going to announce this offseason that they would change their away grays back to how the looked a while ago when they said Baltimore in Script on them, instead of just Orioles, and that is the major move they did.

With the inclusion of the redesigned Away Jersey, the Oriole itself and the Orioles primary logo has been altered. The Oriole itself now has perched feet, and outline and a puffed out chest (to look more like an actual Oriole), the primary logo now says Orioles in script, and the Bird is sitting on top of the “i” dot. (This logo is not on any hat or jersey though, but will probably be on all of the Oriole's new publications in the upcoming year).

In terms of patches, the right arm now has a small patch that says Orioles in script while the right arm has a circle patch that along the outside reads Orioles Baseball and in the inside has the Maryland Flag (If you have ever scene the Raves arm patch, think that style, just in a circle now, or if you know the University of Maryland's academic logo, think that).

To see the pictures and read the article, click here.

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