Today's Double Header, The ever chaning Mets outlook

Today the Mets will participate in a gimmicky, and fun double header. Taking the ball in the first game will be Pelfey who has really evolved over the last five games. Over his last five games, he has won two decisions (back to back, the two most recent games), and one of those games was his worst of the five. In those last five, he pitched 32.2 innings, posted a 2.76 ERA, 13 BB and 20 K. With that, he has lowered his ERA at home down to 3.06. These now seem more than glimpses of greatness and now look like signs of greatness. Next season with Pelfrey should be one to remeber.
With Wright and Reyes hitting well yesterday, today feels good for the Mets. They will be facing an unknown pitcher in the first game who has allowed one run over 14 innings pitched far this year (Giese).
About the current state of the NL East. Now is the time for the Mets to get hot. They won 5 of 8. Then they dropped 2 of 3. With the Phillies only 2-8 over their last 10, and the Mets one game under .500, but only 3.5 out of first place. All of the signs point to one winning streak, that if the Mets can get on it, they can easily take over first place in the division. The next four games can be a great place to jumpstart a spark to carry the Mets through the allstar break.
Lets Go Mets!

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