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Since the start of 2008, about 15 prospects have gotten formal introductions on this site and now its time to update statistics (2008) on five players. Some of them are putting together great seasons, others are struggling, and most are showing signs of improvement:
    Eric Brown 4-6, 6.22 ERA, 16 G, 68 IP, 16 BB, 43 K
    Lucas Duda .270 BA, 296 AB, 19 2B, 5 HR, 42 RBI, .351 OBP
    Scott Moviel 7-7, 5.03 ERA, 15 G, 73.1 IP, 24 BB, 50 K
    Francisco Pena, .246 BA, 228 AB, 14 2B, 4 HR, 28 RBI
    Tobi Stoner 1-6, 2.74 ERA, 12 F, 69.0 IP, 15 BB, 64 K
A lot of these players a young. For example, Pena, a highly touted catching prospect is only 19 years old and is playing low A ball. His .246 BA might seem bad, but last year he batted .210, so he is hitting .36 points higher. His place on the Mets, or any team, in the future really will depend on how he grows over the next few years.
Duda has a very interesting BA split. He is hitting .270 overall this season, which includes a really bad left handed pitching BA (.195 BA), but he is crushing right handed pitching to the tune of a .302 BA.
Stoner is really doing well. He recently got moved to AA ball and is still pitching well. He is having a great year. I don't know if he is really being noticed for it yet. If he finishes off this year strong, you can bet he could start getting attention in the off season.It will be fun to watch how all of these prospects pan out over the rest of the 08 season.

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