Numbers Daily: Wright vs Arod vs Chipper

Lets take a look at the stats of David Wright age 22-24 vs ARod age 22-24 vs Chipper Jones 23-25.

David Wright
1761 AB, 553 H, 83 HR, 71 SB, 232 BB, .314 BA

1742 AB, 531 H, 125 HR, 82 SB, 201 BB, .305 BA

Chipper Jones
1719 AB, 500 H, 74 HR, 42 SB, 236 BB, .291 BA

Here are some intresting notes from these stats:
ARod had 46 SB when he was 22, he had a lot before that as well but from 23 on, his SB have been pretty down to Earth (23 he had 21 and 24 he had 15). David over these three years increased in hits each year. Arod didnt play a full season when he was 23, but his BA took a drop from .310 to .285. Of these three Wright is the one that shows in most cases a consistant foward progress. He also shows the most balance of speed and power, but we didnt need these stats to show that.Chipper's first season was when he was 23, he played a few games at the age of 21 but none at the age of 22.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very Interesting, so A Rod does not rally matter

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