A Great Idea and Horrible Execution

I don't know why I have been thinking about this the past few days, but remeber “Turn Ahead the Clocks” night at many ballparks in 1999. If you don't remeber these nights, this was the idea for the night. Based off of the turn back the clock nights, turn ahead the clock nights was a gimick where Baseball predicted, and sold, what uniforms would look in the year 2027.

The execution of this idea was pretty horrible. They were all pullover Jersies with wierd sholders and for the most part, a supersized logo of the team on the chest. Other teams had really old icons large on their chests or just changed their color schemes.

The Mets had to be different, very different, and they decided that in the year 2027, they would play on Mercury thus their uniforms had a picture of the planet on it, and the Mets symbol above it. The Hats had the Mercurty symbol on them.

This is a link to a You Tube video that was on ESPN. The segment really catches the uniform diaster in the right light. It also includes Robin Ventura being asked about them in the locker room.


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