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I have not really been watching postseason baseball. I have been sort of following it, and to wake this morning, (I knew the Rockies were up 3-0) to learn that the Rockies clinched. Well I dont have much to say.

This will go down as an example of who ever goes in hot stays hot. They came into the postseason on a nice streak, and they have won 7 straight games in the post season so far. I hope they win. It would be nice to see a team that everybody, including myself, predicted to be last or next to last in the NL West.


Over the past several days, I have been reading for that book list bt also have started Project Rusty.

Project Rusty is something that I wanted to start a while ago. Its basically a complicated spreadsheet that information is added to after each game. I am hoping by keeping track of every stat possible, I can create an algorithim to help predict games.

The test version of Project Rusty will hopefully be ready by Spring Training, I'll give updates on how it is going every few weeks or so.

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