Book Reviews

I announced way earlier in the week that I would be doing book reviews this offseason. Here are some of the titles that I will be looking at:

A Mathematician At The Ballpark By Ken Ross
The Wrong Stuff By Bill “Spaceman” Lee
The Hidden Language of Baseball  By Paul Dickson
Watching Baseball By Jerry Remy with Corey Sandler
Is this a Great Game Or What? By Tim Kurkjian
Mets Fans By Rich Wolfe
Designated Hebrew By Ron Bloomberg and Dan Schlossberg
The Ultimate Minor League Baseball Road Trip By Josh Pahigian
The New York Mets By Richard Grossinger
Baseball Between The Numbers By The Baseball Prospectus Team of Expert
The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip By Josh Pahigian and Kevin O'Connell
Amazin' By Peter Golenbrock
Why is the Foul Pole Fair? By Vince Staten


As a side note, I have no particular scheduel set for which book will be done when, right now I am working on the first book on the list and the last one.

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