Mets Non-Roster Invitee Preview: Eric Orze

For a third straight year, Eric Orze gets an invite to spring training.

Orze was one of six players the Mets selected in the 2020 draft. Their first pick, Pete Crow-Armstrong, was traded for Javier Baez. J.T. Ginn was traded for Chris Bassitt. Iasiah Green was part of the package for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. Matthew Dyer was traded for Rich Hill. Anthony Walters was released.

This all happened before last season. So, for a second straight year Eric Orze is the last player in the Mets organization from the 2020 draft.

Orze was listed as the Mets #17 prospect by MLB Pipeline for the 2022 season. They projected that he would make the majors sometime during the 2022 season. In 2021 he pitched across three levels of minor league ball, including 10 games in Syracuse posted a 3.08 ERA over 49 2/3 innings with a 1.047 WHIP.

The results on the field were not good in 2022. Over 50 1/3 innings he had a 4.83 ERA with a 1.152 WHIP. Hitters figured out how to homer off of him. In 2021 he had a 0.9 HR/9 rate. In 2022 that increased to 2.0. His BB/9 and K/9 remained unchanged between the two seasons (BB/9 2.5, K/9 went from 12.1 to 12.3).

He pitched in a career high amount of games last year (39) and posted a 5.31 ERA, 1.525 WHIP over 61 innings. His K/9 rate still remained unchanged (12.0) but his BB/9 sky rocketed to 6.0. On the positive side, he addressed his homer problem and returned to a 0.9 HR/9.

Eric Orze in 2021 went from making his pro-debut to Syracuse in one season. He’s spent the last two years stuck in neutral. Colby Morris did a great profile on Orze at the end of last season. In his profile he talks about how Orze changed the frequency that he used certain pitches throughout the season last year.

Due to Orze’s age and when he was drafted, there is a high likelihood that we see him at some point this year with the major league team. This spring I’m going to be looking for three things. First, is his strikeout rate around 12 K/9, as it has been the last three seasons. Second, can he return to his 2021 and 2022 BB/9 rate. Finally, can he keep the ball in the park. He’s done all three of these things before at the same time. If he can do this throughout March, he’ll find himself climbing up the depth chart.

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Mets Non-Roster Invitee Preview: Nate Lavender

Death. Taxes. The Mets needing left-handed pitching. Three guarantees in life.

Over the last several season the Mets consistently find themselves with limited left-handed options. On the 40-man roster right now the Mets have four bullpen options that are lefties: Jake Diekman, Joey Lucchesi, Brooks Raley and Josh Walker. First, this underscores how important the Jake Diekman signing is for the Mets. It also opens up opportunities for lefties in Mets camp to impress and push themselves up the depth chart. Enter prospect Nate Lavender.

Nate Lavender was selected in the 14th round in the 2021 draft by the New York Mets out of the University of Illinois. At the end of last season he still wasn’t listed on Mets top 30 prospect lists despite a fairly impressive three seasons with the Mets. Over 72 games, 108 2/3 innings, he had a 2.32 ERA, 1.178 WHIP, 4.5 BB/9 and a 13.7 K/9.

He split his time between Binghamton and Syracuse last season. In Binghamton he was 1.4 years younger than the average player and over 10 1/3 innings he posted a sparkling 1.74 ERA and 0.774 WHIP earning a promotion. He then pitched 44 innings in Syracuse with a 3.27 ERA and a 1.295 WHIP. His K/9 numbers in Syracuse matched his minor league career average at 13.7 K/9 and his walk numbers were just a tick worse at 4.7. What was concerning in Syracuse was the amount of homers he allowed. His career average has been 0.7 HR/9 and in Syracuse it was 1.4.

Mets Minors wrote this in-depth piece on Lavender after the Mets drafted him in 2021. Even a couple of years ago his strikeout numbers despite his low-90’s fastball were being noted.

This spring we’ll be looking to see if Lavender continues to miss bats and get strikeouts. The worry right now, as shown through his walk and homer numbers, is will hitters start to wait for a pitch they can hit, rather than being fooled. The depth chart is Lavender’s major advantage right now. One or two injuries shatter the Mets LHP depth. If Lavender has a strong spring and can pitch himself into the 40-man roster at some point this season, he’ll also have options, an appeal feature to a stretched-thin Mets team. Given the amount of time he spent in Syracuse and his age right now (24), there’s a good chance we’ll see Lavender with the major league club at some point this season.

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Mets Non-Roster Invitee Preview: Dominic Hamel

Three of the more exciting pitching prospects in the Mets system have already been invited to camp this spring as non-roster participants: Christian Scott, Mike Vasil and Dominic Hamel.

Dominic Hamel made noise in his senior year of college after he set a Dallas Baptist record with 136 strikeouts. The Mets drafted him in the 3rd round back in 2021. His Mets career took off in 2022 where he pitched in 14 games (63 1/3 innings) for St. Lucie where he had a 3.84 ERA and 1.216 WHIP. He was one year older than the average player in the Florida State League. This led to a promotion to Brooklyn where he dominated over 11 starts (55 2/3 innings), posting a 2.59 ERA and 1.078 WHIP earning the Mets 2022 Organization Pitcher of the Year award.

He spent the entirety of last season with the Rumble Ponies, tossing 124 innings with a 3.85 ERA and 1.266 WHIP. Despite facing better hitters last season, his K/9 rate improved going from 11.0 K/9 across both levels in 2022 to 11.6 last season (his career best was his senior year in college where reached 13.4 K/9). More importantly, Hamel improved on his control last year going from a 4.1 BB/9 down to a 3.6 BB/9.

The next logical step for Hamel is Syracuse and depending on how this season goes for the Mets, he has a non-zero chance of making the rotation (obviously based on his performance). You could make an argument that Hamel’s age could force him to get promoted if needed to this year. He’s currently 24 and will turn 25 during spring training. The other prospect pitchers the Mets invited to camp this year are in the same boat. Mike Vasil is 23 and will also celebrate a birthday during spring training. Christian Scott, who has been rising through the Mets rankings this past year, is 24 and will turn 25 in June.

MLB Pipeline had Hamel listed as the #16 prospect in the Mets system at the end of last season (their 2024 listings were not available yet. Mets Minors has him listed as #14 (published at the end of 2023). MLB Pipeline identifies Hamel as a pitcher who loves RPM. His slider rotates 2,800-3,000 times per minute. Will this fool major league hitters though? That’s ultimately the question we’ll want answered this spring.

Hamel, like Vasil and Scott are on the cusp of making big league squad and we’ll get a good luck at all three pitchers at the start of spring. Hamel doesn’t have the most overpowering stuff but can put a notable spin on the ball. I’m going to be looking for two things from Hamel this spring (and start of the minor league season). First, can he continue to strikeout more players while decreasing his walks? Second, can he get major leaguers to swing and miss / generate weak contact against his slider and curveball? We’ll find out soon!

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Mets Non-Roster Invitee Preview: Kyle Crick

The Mets have invited 11 pitchers to spring training on non-roster deals. Pitchers invited run the gambit from top prospects in the system, to veterans looking to break camp with a new team. Last season the Mets invited ten pitchers to camp and eight of them ended up seeing time with the big league club.

Kyle Crick is in the veteran bucket of NRI pitchers. He made his major league debut back in 2017 and has played with the Giants, Pirates and White Sox before not pitching with any clubs last season.

Crick was drafted in the first round back in 2011. After breaking into the majors with the Giants in 2017 was then traded to the Pirates. The Giants sent Crick with Bryan Reynolds for Andrew McCutchen. A star-studded trade for sure.

His best season was back in 2018 where he got into 64 games throwing 60 1/3 innings with a 2.39 ERA, 3.14 FIP and a 1.127 WHIP. According to Baseball Savant, he was in the 83rd percentile for xERA, 81st for xBA, 89th in fastball velocity, and 89th for average exit velocity. Further he was in the 97th percentile for Barrel% and 100 for Hard-Hit%. Just all around really good stats.

Back in 2022 he pitched 15 2/3 innings with a 4.02 ERA, 3.18 FIP, and a 1.340 WHIP. He did not pitch enough in 2022 to qualify for most Baseball Savant metrics. His fastball velocity though dropped down to the 24th percentile. He threw 57% sliders around 80 mph (league average is a tick below 85) and 43% fastballs, averaging 92 mph.

The bullpen was an area of weakness for the Mets last season and they have spent a lot of time this off-season bringing in a ton of different pitchers on a variety of deals with a diversity of throwing styles. We’ll have a better idea of Kyle Crick fits in the depth chart in just a few short weeks!

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Mets 2023 Non-Roster Invitees – Where are they now? Part 2: Position Players

For many seasons now, we preview one non-roster invitee to Mets spring training per day, leading up to the regular season. NRI’s generally fall into one of two buckets. Players are either prospects on the verge of breaking the 40-man roster and the time in major league camp is crucial for their development. This is also the best time for the major league coaches to get their first good look of the players of tomorrow. In the second bucket veteran players trying to break camp with a new team. The Mets invited about 20 players to spring training last year outside of their 40-man roster. 2023 was a chaotic, volatile year for the Mets and a good chunk of the players the Mets invited to camp eventually saw time at the major league level. A total of 12 of the 20 players the Mets invited to camp last year eventually played with the Mets including five of ten position players.

Nick Meyer: Meyer was drafted by the Mets in 2018 and over the years he played in 323 games hitting a career .220/.309/.297. Last season he played only in Syracuse and hit .217/.309/.309, which is pretty close to his career line. The Mets have quite the logjam of backup catchers for the 40-man roster, so after obtaining free agency this winter, Meyer signed with the Rays. Best of luck Nick!

Kevin Parada: In what will be an unfortunate trend on this list, 2023 was a tough year for some of the Mets top prospects that had been in the system for a few years. In 2022 he hit .275/.455/.425 and started to rise in off-season prospect lists. He had a tough 2023 where he hit .248/.324/.428 over 457 PA’s. That continued into the fall where he he hit .186/.240/.371 over 75 PA’s. Parada will be back in Mets camp as a NRI in 2024 as he looks to bounce back.

Michael Pérez: Michael was a veteran depth signing for the Mets last off-season and ended up seeing three games in Queens where he went 4-8 with a double and a strikeout. He signed with the Orioles this winter.

Hayden Senger: Senger hit .188/.307/.295 in Binghamton in 2023. So far over his five seasons in the Mets system hitting .236/.328/.359. Senger will be competing for his depth position again this spring as an NRI.

Jonathan Araúz: Jonathan got slightly more than a cup of coffee last season with the Mets. Over 66 PA’s he hit .136/.205/.288. This off-season he signed with the Dodgers. You know those Dodgers, getting everyone on the market.

José Peraza: The Mets signed Peraza as veteran depth last year and he never had an official plate appearance with the Mets. He mostly played in Syracuse hitting .258/.324/.359 over 177 PA’s. He is still a free agent (as of writing).

Abraham Almonte: Almonte went 1-15, 2B, BB, 8 K’s in his short time with the Mets last season. He is still a free agent (as of writing).

Tim Locastro: Locastro seemed destined to break camp with the Mets from early on in spring training last season. Between Locastro and Nimmo the Mets were looking to be an on-base percentage machine. Over 67 PA’s with the Mets Locastro hit .232/.338/.393 including six stolen bases and was hit by six pitches.

Alex Ramírez: Alex was another prospect who saw his stock tumble over the season. In 2022 he hit .281/.346/.836 over 552 PA’s. Last season he hit .221/.310/.317 over 521 PA’s. The Mets added Alex to the 40-man roster this season, so we’ll see a lot of him in spring training this month.

DJ Stewart: Finally we end with the best NRI signing from 2023. DJ Stewart had 11 HR”s over 185 PA’s last season, hitting .244/.333/.506. Between Mauricio’s injury and the Mets not signing a DH (as of writing) Stewart has an inside lane to more playing time this season. Did the Mets catch lightning in a bottle here?

As of now the Mets have 11 position players coming to camp in 2024. Who will be this year’s DJ Stewart? We are only a few weeks away from finding out!

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Mets 2023 Non-Roster Invitees – Where are they now? Part 1: Pitchers

For many seasons now, we preview one non-roster invitee to Mets spring training per day, leading up to the regular season. NRI’s generally fall into one of two buckets. Players are either prospects on the verge of breaking the 40-man roster and the time in major league camp is crucial for their development. This is also the best time for the major league coaches to get their first good look of the players of tomorrow. In the second bucket veteran players trying to break camp with a new team. The Mets invited about 20 players to spring training last year outside of their 40-man roster. 2023 was a chaotic, volatile year for the Mets and a good chunk of the players the Mets invited to camp eventually saw time at the major league level. Of the ten pitchers the Mets brought to camp last spring, seven of them saw at least three games with the Mets at some point during the season. Let’s see where the 2023 class is now!

Connor Gray: Gray was with the Diamondback organization before the pandemic and then ended up bouncing around between different independent league and minor league systems. He tore his UCL at Mets camp last year and tommy john. Tapinto Greater Olean has been following his story through his recovery process.

Grant Hartwig: MLB Pipeline in 2022 predicted that Hartwig would make his major league debut in 2023, and they were correct! Hartwig was undrafted in 2021 and signed with the Mets. Last season he pitched in 28 games in Queens tossing 35 1/3 innings with a 4.84 ERA, 4.44 FIP, 1.387 WHIP. He’s still on the 40-man roster. He will be fighting for a bullpen spot again this spring, but with the advantage of already being on the roster.

Tommy Hunter: One of my favorite players to put on a Mets uniform. Hunter’s return to the Mets wasn’t great as he posted a 6.85 ERA, 5.75 FIP, 1.394 WHIP over 14 games and 23 2/3 innings last season. The Mets released him last June and he retired last month.

TJ McFarland: The Mets brought on the 10-year veteran last year as bullpen depth, but barely used him in the majors as he pitched in three games totaling 1 2/3 innings allowing two runs, one earned from four hits. Between the Mets system and later the Orioles system, he had a 2.30 ERA over 44 games (62 2/3 innings). The Dodgers have signed him on a minor league deal for the 2024 season.

Zach Muckenhirn: Muckenhirn is currently a free agent. He made his major league debut with the Mets and pitched six innings over three games allowing four earned runs. He was traded to the Mariners for Flexen and Gott, neither of whom are with the Mets currently. Muckenhirn had a lot of success in the Mets farm system posting a 0.88 ERA last season but with the Mariners he struggled, posting a 6.11 ERA before being released.

Eric Orze: In 2021 Orze posted a 3.08 ERA in the Mets system over 34 games throughout three different levels. He then struggled in 2022, posting a 6.08 ERA over 32 games. Last year wasn’t that much better as he posted a 5.67 ERA, 1.525 WHIP over 39 games and 61 innings. The Mets have invited him back to spring training as an NRI again in 2024.

Denyi Reyes: Reyes made his major league debut with the Orioles in 2022 and when he signed with the Mets he seemed like an interesting depth signing. The Mets rotation health thrusted Reyes into Mets major league roster and he made three starts, nine games total, with a 7.78 ERA, 4.88 FIP, 1.678 WHIP over 19 2/3 innings. Last month he signed a contract with the Samsun Lions in the KBO.

Josh Walker: Another pitcher who is still on the Mets 40-man after being an NRI last spring. Walker was drafted by the Mets in 2017 and last season tossed 10 innings over 14 games allowing 11 runs, nine earned (5.26 FIP, 1.800 WHIP). He’ll be competing for a bullpen spot again this spring.

William Woods: Woods struggled in the Mets organization last year with a 6.84 ERA over 38 games (52 2/3 innings) between Syracuse and Binghamton. Woods is still on the Syracuse roster, but was not offered an NRI for the 2024 season (as of 2/3/24).

Jimmy Yacabonis: Jimmy saw seven games and 13 2/3 innings with the Mets last season posting a 6.59 ERA, 5.08 FIP and a 1.463 WHIP. Back in August he elected free agency.

The Mets really needed to dive deep last season, pulling tons of players out of the minors to fill in injury and trade gaps. This season the organization has brought in (at least) 16 pitchers on a combination of major league and minor league deals. We are only a few weeks away from seeing the 2024 class compares to 2023!

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10/4 – How’d they do? Former Mets in the Playoffs.

The wild card series wrapped up last night. All of them.

Every wild card series featured a two game sweep. The Phillies and Twins swept their opponents at home. The Diamondbacks swept them on the road. The Rangers technically swept on the road but there were some real attendance issues in St. Petersburg for the Rays.

But how did our old friends do?

Rangers vs Rays – No former Mets

Blue Jays vs Twins – No former Mets

Diamondbacks vs Brewers

  • Tommy Pham 1-for-4, R, K
  • Paul Sewald 1.0 IP, 2K (0.00 ERA, 2 Saves)
  • Mark Canha 3-for-4

Marlins vs Phillies

  • David Robertson 2.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 4 K, HR

Mark Canha did (almost literally) all he could do to help the Brewers last night but miscues from the whole team piled up as the Diamondbacks rolled through. Paul Sewald has already pitched two shutout innings, closing both wins for the Diamondbacks this October.

David Robertson’s tumultuous tenure with the Marlins comes to an end. After being lights out for the Mets he struggled with the Marlins. It ends with the Phillies getting the best of him in a big game. Here’s hoping he can be that version of himself he was with the Mets this year again. Will the Mets consider bringing him back?

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10/3 – How’d They Do? Former Mets In The Playoffs

The Wild Card Series started across the league yesterday with the Rangers beating the Rays, the Twins over the Blue Jays, Diamondbacks beating the Brewers and finally the Phillies beating the Marlins.

But how did our former friends do?

Rangers vs Rays – No former Mets

Blue Jays vs Twins – No former Mets

Diamondbacks vs Brewers:

  • Mark Canha 0-for-4, 2 K
  • Tommy Pham 0-for-4, R, BB, 2 K, SB
  • Paul Sewald 1.0 IP, K, Save

Marlins vs Phillies

  • Zack Wheeler 6 2/3 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 8 K

Tommy Pham wins the award for more amount of different stats without getting a hit. It’s nice to see Paul Sewald’s continue success. Of course Zack Wheeler was the stud of the day.

Which teams get off to a critical 2-0 lead tonight?

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Game Preview: Phillies vs Mets

For the last time in 2023 we get to see the New York Mets play baseball. It wasn’t the season that we all expected it to be way back last winter. There were spirals, devastating injuries, sticky stuff on baseball, players who regressed and spurts of tremendous rain. There were also the Baby Mets, players who stepped up in big ways when needed, new fan favorites and a lot of potential for good years down the road.

All of today’s games are at the same time because of post season scenarios. Unlike in previous years every wild card battle was resolved yesterday, with five teams clinching playoff spots. The only thing left for today are questions as to who gets what seed.

José Butto will start the last game for the Mets. This is fitting. Butto emerged this month as an interesting possibility for next year after struggling earlier in the season. For most of the season he was the most ready pitching prospect the Mets had in the upper minors. Now there are three starting pitchers knocking on the door behind him. His start today, but really his spring starts, are going to be critical as the Mets figure out the back half of their rotation for the next season. Over eight starts and 36 innings this season he has a 3.75 ERA, 3.84 FIP, 1.361 WHIP and a 113 ERA+. He’s coming off of his first rough start in a while where he allowed four runs from four hits over four runs against the Phillies. Before that he allowed four runs from 12 hits over 17 1/3 innings spread over three starts (2.08 ERA, 1.93 FIP). The Phillies have the following career numbers against him:

  • J.T. Realmuto 3-5, 2B, K
  • Nick Castellanos 2-5, HR, 2 K
  • Bryson Stott 2-4, 2 K
  • Alec Bohm 3-5, 2 HR
  • Kyle Schwarber 1-3
  • Trea Turner 0-2
  • Bryce Harper 0-1, K, BB
  • Jake Cave 0-2, K
  • Brandon Marsh 0-2, K

Matt Strahm will open for the Phillies today, followed by Nick Nelson who will be making his 2023 debut on the last day of the season. Strahm has pitched in 55 games and started nine for the Phillies this season tossing 86 2/3 innings with a 3.32 ERA, 3.29 FIP, 1.027 WHIP and a 130 ERA+. As a starter he has logged 32 1/3 innings over those nine games with a 4.18 ERA (1.052 WHIP). This is quite a bit higher than his relief ERA of 2.82. The Mets have the following numbers against him:

  • Francisco Lindor 0-3, 2 K, 2 BB
  • Pete Alonso 0-4, 3 K
  • Omar Narváez 0-2, 2 K
  • Mark Vientos 0-1
  • Danny Mendick 0-2, K
  • Francisco Álvarez 0-1
  • Brett Baty 1-2, 2B
  • Tim Locastro 1-2, K
  • Rafael Ortega 0-1
  • Luis Guillorme 1-1

Three Things To Watch For:

  1. The Baby Mets. The best part of the 2023 Mets, outside of Kodai Senga, havs been the emergence of the Baby Mets. Álvarez had a tremendous day yesterday hitting two homers to finish with 25 on the season. Ronny Mauricio has raked all season in the minors and finally got a chance to play in September. Mark Veintos and Brett Baty have shown flashes of brilliance this season. How this group is kept together (or not) next season is going to be a major story line that we will be following all winter.
  2. Milestones, one more time. There are two big milestones left. It’s not probable, but technically Pete Alonso could hit four homers in this game to reach 50 on the season. Francisco Lindor only needs two more RBI’s to reach 100 on the season!
  3. The New York Mets. We love the Mets. We love watching them play everyday, dissecting box scores, analyzing highlights and seeing how they interact with each other. The end of the season is always a bit sad as we won’t see the Mets together again until they start trickling into spring training. There is so much promise with the rebuilt farm system but before we fully dive into next year, we are excited to see the Mets play one more time.

Let’s Go Mets!

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Doubleheader Game Preview: Phillies vs Mets

The Mets head into the last series of the season with quite a bit of uncertainty. Thursday’s game was suspended in the bottom of the ninth with the Mets down one run. If the game is needed, and there’s a high chance it will be, the Mets and Marlins will finish playing on Monday. New York had a historic amount of rain since Thursday, causing massive flooding throughout the area and leading the Mets to call yesterday’s game against the Phillies rather early. Now we get two games today!

In addition to all of the weather news the Mets have had a couple of injuries in the last couple of days. Jeff McNeil has a partial tear in his UCL, while surgery is not expected, he’s done for the season. Brandon Nimmo sustained a shoulder season last night likely ending his 2023 campaign.

Because of all the weather related postponements, we actually don’t know who is starting which game. We are pretty sure José Quintana will be pitching first, followed by Megill. We are straight guessing Taijuan Walker will pitch followed by Cristopher Sánchez. So we are just pushing all the pitcher previews into one article.

José Quintana looks to wrap up a successful first season as a New York Met today in Queens. Over 12 starts he has pitched 71 2/3 innings with a 3.39 ERA, 3.45 FIP, 1.284 WHIP and a 125 ERA+. His last start was against the Phillies and it was a rough one as the Phillies were able to tag him for six runs, five earned, over six innings. On the positive side, Quintana had a season high 10 strikeouts. Before this start Quintana pitched 24 2/3 innings allowing only five runs (1.82 ERA, 3.42 FIP). The Phillies have the following career numbers against Quintana:

  • Nick Castellanos 12-45, 3B, 2 HR, 8 K, 2 BB
  • Bryce Harper 2-14, HR, 5 K
  • Kyle Schwarber 2-12, 2B, 6 K
  • Trea Turner 5-18, 2B, 2 HR
  • J.T. Realmuto 2-12, HR, 2 BB
  • Rodolfo Castro 1-7, 2 K
  • Alec Bohm 3-8, 2B, HR, K
  • Edmundo Sosa 1-5, 3 K
  • Johan Rojas 1-3, 2 K
  • Bryson Stott 0-1

Tylor Megill looks to end a bumpy 2023 on a positive note today. Over 24 starts this season he has pitched 119 innings with a 4.92 ERA, 5.14 FIP, 1.622 WHIP and an 86 ERA+. In the month of September he has allowed nine runs, eight earned over 22 innings (3.27 ERA, 5.67 FIP) while striking out 16 batters. This includes his last start which was also against the Phillies where he allowed three runs over six innings from five hits. The Phillies have the following career numbers against him:

  • J.T. Realmuto 2-9, 2B, HR, 5 K
  • Bryce Harper 2-8, 3 K
  • Kyle Schwarber 1-5, 2B, 2 BB
  • Trea Turner 1-4, BB
  • Alec Bohm 2-7, 2B, K
  • Bryson Stott 0-5, 3 K
  • NIck Castellanos 1-7, 2B, K
  • Brandon Marsh 2-4, HR, 2 K
  • Rodolfo Castro 0-2, 2 K
  • Johan Rojas 0-2
  • Edmundo Sosa 1-2

The Mets bats will get to face Taijuan Walker one more time this season. Over 30 starts (165 2/3 innings) Walker has a 4.35 ERA, 4.46 FIP, 1.316 WHIP and a 99 ERA+. In his first three starts in September he allowed 15 runs, 14 earned over 17 1/3 innings (7.27 ERA). He had a much better start his last time out, against the Mets no less, where he allowed two runs over six innings from five hits and a walk. The Mets have the following career numbers against him:

  • Francisco Lindor 2-13, 3 K, BB
  • Brandon Nimmo 3-9, 2B, HR, K, 2 BB
  • Rafael Ortega 2-5, 2 K, BB
  • Pete Alonso 2-7, 2 2B, 3 K, BB
  • Brett Baty 0-5, K
  • DJ Stewart 0-5, 2 K
  • Omar Narváez 1-4, K, BB
  • Daniel Vogelbach 0-4, K
  • Francisco Álvarez 0-4, 2 K
  • Ronny Mauricio 0-3
  • Mark Vientos 0-2

The Mets bats will get a look at Cristopher Sánchez one more time this season. He has made 18 starts totaling 98 1/3 innings, more than double his work in his previous two seasons. This year he has a 3.48 ERA, 4.02 FIP, 1.058 WHIP and a 124 ERA+. He’s coming off of a good start against the Mets where he held them to two runs from three hits over seven innings while striking out 10. The Mets have the following numbers against Sánchez:

  • Pete Alonso 1-8, HR, 4 K
  • Francisco Lindor 2-6, BB
  • Brandon Nimmo 3-5, K, BB
  • Mark Vientos 0-3, 2 K
  • Francisco Álvarez 0-4, 2 K
  • Luis Guillorme 1-3, 3B, 2 K
  • Ronny Mauricio 1-3, HR, 2 K
  • Danny Mendick 0-2
  • DJ Stewart 1-3, K
  • Tim Locastro 1-2
  • Brett Baty 0-2, K
  • Omar Narváez 0-1

Three Things To Watch For:

  1. Brett Baty. Baty has been emerging this month from his summer long slump, collecting 12 hits over 18 games (not including his 1-for-3 performance last night which isn’t official yet) including a double a two homers. We would love to see Baty have a big weekend to end 2023 off on a positive note and gain some momentum heading into the off season.
  2. Ronny Mauricio. Mauricio has become the reason to watch the Mets since he was called up. He’s collected 21 hits in 86 trips hitting .244/.286/.349. He’s cooled off a bit after his torrid start. Can Ronny get one or two more extra-base hits to close out the season? His two homers have been absolute lasers.
  3. Milestone Tracker. Time is really starting to runout on these! Francisco Lindor needs four RBI’s this weekend to reach 100 for the second season in a row (and the second time in his career). Álvarez is looking for two more to get to 25 and Pete Alonso needs four more for 50 on the year (unlikely, but not impossible!).

Let’s Go Mets!

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