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Backpages: NY Post Channels the 1986 Mets

The Daily News decided to go with a backpage cover featuring the NFL Schedule for reasons I’ll never understand (seriously, why did ESPN have to have a special covering the SCHEDULE?!?). Anyway, the NY Post understands whats up and featured the Mets:


Hopefully this goes without saying, but clever Mets covers are pretty much the only positive anything I’ll ever say about the NY Post.

Back Pages: On a 7 Game Win Streak!

I was nervous that with playoff hockey and Tanaka actually having a good start that the New York papers would ignore the Mets, but I was wrong!



Back Pages: Mets Handle The Chickens

Back Pages: Mets Setting Up The Weekend

Pendulum talking heading back towards the Amazin’s:

Back Pages: Santana’s Back

Back Pages: Dickey and Clemens

The two pitchers featured on the Back Pages today couldn’t be more different from each other:

Back Pages: Kirk Kirk Kirk!

Giving the Man his due:

Back Pages: Dickey Is The Talk of the Town

Back Pages today:

Back Pages: Mets Help Yankees

If any Yankee fans brag to you that the Yankees are in first, tell them, “You’re Welcome”. Obviously the Yanks sweep of the Mets helped, but as the Mets are getting back on the right track, they are taking down some of the main competition of the Yanks (the Rays) as the Daily News pointed out on their back page today:

Back Pages: Dickey (R A Train!), Santana

From Today’s Papers: