Game Preview: Mets @ Red Sox

I just don’t know today how baseball players are going to be able to concentrate. In addition to all of the questions surrounding the Marlins and baseball, MLB has announced a hard to follow system for the short term. The Orioles and Yankees will now play each other while the Marlins and the Phillies sit. Then the Marlins will not play all weekend, meaning that the Nationals won’t play too. And if the Marlins have to isolate, rest and get healthy beyond Monday – which seems both inevitable and the right thing to do, the Mets could face game cancellations too.

So somehow, with all of that going on in the background, the Mets and Red Sox will play baseball tonight. Plus, David Peterson, is going to make his major league debut tonight.

Anyway, last night the Mets played against the Red Sox and their bullpen and things went alright for the Mets. They scored early, they scored often, they scored enough to avoid a bullpen implosion at the end of the game. Pete Alonso hit a homer that left his bat at 116 mph. Dominic Smith reminded us all why he’s awesome. Wacha was impressive. It was a good night.

And now David Peterson will try to keep the good times in Boston going tonight. He made 24 starts in Binghmaton last year year totaling 116.0 innings with a 4.19 ERA, and 1.345 WHIP while striking out 122 batters. Then he pitched in the Arizona Fall League for 13.0 innings over 4 starts allowing 7 runs, 5 earned. He has a fastball in the low 90’s and according to Baseball America, the best slider in the system and projects to be a back of the rotation type pitcher (which honestly is what the Mets need right now).

The Red Sox will be going with Matt Hall today, who they acquired in a trade with the Tigers back in January. Over the last two seasons Hall has pitched in 21 games for the Tigers, logging 31.1 innings with a 9.48 ERA, 5.15 FIP, 2.074 WHIP and 51 ERA+. In the minors last season he saw time as a starter and a reliever, pitching in 25 games, 13 starts, totaling 86.2 innings with a 5.30 ERA and 1.535 WHIP. This was massive departure from the previous year (2018) when he had a 2.83 ERA over 10 starts and 57.1 innings in AAA Toledo (and a 1.58 ERA over 57.0 innings, mostly in relief in AA Erie).

Let’s Go Mets!

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