Get To Know a Non-Roster Invitee: David Peterson

Each year at 213 we look through the Non-Roster Invitees to spring training and get to know them a bit. Are they in camp to get a look at big league hitting/pitching to aid their development? Are the Mets just trying to get a better look at a future rookie? Are they a veteran trying to get back to the major league level? What can we expect from them this season?

We just checked in on David Peterson last weekend briefly in our annual look back at the previous year’s Non-Roster Invites. We will also be looking at David again next week during our series of articles reviewing the 2019 Top 30 Mets prospects from Baseball America and comparing their 2019 performance to their projections.

For today we’ll just focus on David and what we could expect from him this year.

Peterson was a 2017 first round draft pick by the Mets out of the University of Oregon. He made it to Binghamton last year at the age of 23, and he spent the whole season there pitching 24 games and 116.0 innings with a 4.19 ERA, 1.345 WHIP and 9.5 K/9. He capped his season with a stint in the Arizona fall league where he made 4 starts totaling 13.0 innings with a 3.46 ERA and 2.000 WHIP.

Peterson (according to BA, more on this next week) has a low 90s fastball, the best slider in the system and projects right now to a 4th starter in the rotation. His stock in the last year has been boosted by the Mets trading away Justin Dunn, Simeon Woods-Richardson and Anthony Kay. All of the other pitchers the Mets are waiting for the in the rotation are either too far away or have massive and recent injury concerns (Franklyn Kilome, Thomas Szapucki, Jordan Humphreys to name a few).

Peterson will most likely open the season in Syracuse. He’s a deep back up plan right now for Queens. But if the Mets end up Mets-ing up the rotation in someway, then Peterson could get the call to Queens this year. He’s a pitcher I expect we’ll see a lot of in Spring Training.

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