Reviewing Baseball America’s 2019 Top 30 Mets Prospects: #13 Luis Santana

This is the second year where we are walking through the previous season’s Baseball America’s Top Prospect handbook, looking at the all the Mets to see how they are developing against Baseball America’s Projections.

As we continue to push in top half of the prospect list, my energy to keep going is starting to dwindle. I’m starting to drag my feet a bit because I know there are a lot more articles to write like the one today – today’s prospect, Luis Santana, was traded away last year. While the Santana/Adolph for J.D. Davis trade may be one the Mets have won, the same can’t be said for a lot of the other trades that have depleted the Mets system.

For context – the Mets acquired J.D. Davis for Santana/Adolph not too long before the Mets signed Jed Lowrie. Initially that made giving up Santana/Adolph superfluous. Alas, Lowrie is a zombie and hasn’t played and Davis went on to have a shockingly good 2019. But who was Luis Santana, the centerpiece for the trade?

BA notes that the Mets only took one look at Santana and were so impressed that was all they needed to sign him to a 200k contract. They were rewarded when Santana hit .348 in Kingsport, the 5th best average in the league. BA wrote his “bat-to-ball skills, fearlessness and hitting rhythm give him a ceiling of a plus hitter.” He was projected to open the season in Columbia before the trade.

Instead he opened the season at Tri-City, who play in the same league as the Brooklyn Cyclones. In 52 games and 186 PAs he hit .267/.339/.352 which was enough for the Astros. He played the last 18 games at the season in Corpus Christie, their AA team where in 66 PAs he hit .228/.333/.263 while being an incredibly 4.8 years younger than the average player in the league (he’s 19). He’ll probably continue to rocket through their system (no pun intended)

It hurts to see a prospect go in a trade and do well but only because they aren’t doing well for us. We are happy for the prospect. What makes seeing Santana do well hurt less is J.D. Davis. Davis has blossomed in Queens in a way that he couldn’t in a crowded lineup in Houston. Maybe both clubs are winners here.

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