Reviewing Baseball America’s 2019 Top 30 Mets Prospects: #14 Luis Guillorme

This is the second year where we are walking through the previous season’s Baseball America’s Top Prospect handbook, looking at the all the Mets to see how they are developing against Baseball America’s Projections.

Luis Guillorme, who became a household name a few years ago in spring training by catching a bat with one hand, got more playing time last year and we were thrilled here at 213. We agree with BA that Luis “is the best defensive infielder int he system, with quick reflexes and sure hands that make him reliable at second, third or short.” For Luis the question has always been can he hit at the major league level, and since he doesn’t hit for power, can he continue to spray the ball all over the place and be a consistent hitter. In 2019 we saw improvements towards that:

2018: 35 G, 74 PA, .209/.284/.239, .523 OPS
2019: 45 G, 70 PA, .246/.324/.361, .684 OPS

Significant progress. His playing time was still played around with, much like it was during his time in 2018. With the continued injury to Jed Lowrie we are hoping that Luis gets more time as a utility infielder on the Mets. A good spring and he could possibly break the club with the team. The fear is that he has another year of the Mets sending him up and down, not getting consistent reps at the major league level.

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