2019 Mets Projections Review: Tomas Nido

Every spring at 213 we gather a whole bunch of projections for players and average them together to see what a conglomerate of baseball sources think a given player will perform over the year. It’s wholly unscientific – averaging averages and not weighting them for previous accuracy or amount of playing time they feel a player will see.

We are almost at the end of this article series! It’s our second to last post! When we wrote this article last year, we were struggling to see where Tomas Nido stood with the team. At the time the Mets had Wilson Ramos and decided to keep d’Arnaud over Plawecki. Plus the Mets gave a Spring Training invite to Devin Mesoraco. Of course, the Mets are the Mets and Nido saw action in 50 games last year.

His projections (below) weren’t pretty but we also weren’t expecting them to be:

2019 Stats: 144 PA, 136 AB, 4 HR, .191/.231/.316, .547 OPS, -0.7 WAR, 58 DRC+

So Nido had a rough year last year. He didn’t even make his projections, and his projections at .618 OPS were already pretty rough. Out of all of the hitters who saw more than a cup of coffee last year that we did projections reviews for, his DRC+ is the worst.

I guess ZiPS was the closest on him in terms of a slash line, the rest of the projections tried to predict playing time and saw so little that their slash lines don’t make sense.

Overall, this highlights the need the Mets have right now at looking for a back up catcher.

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