Game Preview: Marlins vs Mets


The Mets are set to to play what will undoubtedly be an emotional night as the captain comes back for this first start in over two years. Last night David Wright grounded out pretty much immediately at start of his pinch hit at bat. That doesn’t matter. Wright has worked so hard and has overcome so many hurdles to return to Queens. For people like me, born in the late 80’s early 90’s, see David Wright as the player attached to the franchise. The rising star during our formative teenage years. Everyone has a David Wright story and we all wish him the best. Thank you David Wright for everything.

Steven Matz will start the game tonight. He’s 5-11 over 29 games and 148.0 innings with a 4.14 ERA, 4.77 FIP, 1.270 WHIP and 89 ERA+. His last start against the Nationals was not good, allowing 3 runs over 3.0 innings. However, overall in his 6 games he has pitched 33.1 innings allowing 10 runs posting a 2.70 ERA. He is 1-0 over two starts against the Marlins this year allowing 4 runs, 3 earned, over 11.1 innings while striking out 10. The Marlins have the following numbers against him:

  • Rojas 1-13, 2B
  • Castro 0-11, 5 K
  • Realmuto 3-9, BB
  • Anderson 1-6, 2B
  • Brinson 0-4
  • Dietrich 0-2
  • Riddle 1-3

The Mets bats will get a look at Trevor Richards who is 4-9 over 24 games and 119.2 innings with a 4.66 ERA, 4.18 FIP, 1.396 WHIP and a 77 ERA+. Richards is coming off a good start against the Reds where he held them scoreless over 7.0 innings. before that in a three game stretch he allowed 16 runs, 14 earned, off 16 hits in 11.1 innings including a start against the Mets where he allowed 6 runs, 4 earned over 5.0 innings. The Mets have the following numbers against Richards:

  • Bruce 0-2, BB
  • Conforto 0-3
  • McNeil 2-3, 3B
  • Nimmo 0-3
  • Rosario 1-3, HR
  • Smith 1-3, 2B
  • Reyes 2-2, 2B

Let’s Go Mets!

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