Game Preview: Blue Jays vs Mets

Yesterday Vlad Guerrero Jr caused a stir with an Instagram posted tagged at JFK, not too far from Queens where the Blue Jays were coming. He has since deleted the picture and there is some reason to believe it is an identical picture from a while ago. Why lead with this? The most exciting aspect of the Blue Jays, the reason to go see them outside of a chance to Curtis Granderson again, is the promise of their young star who should be making his major league debut at any moment now.

Across the diamond in Mets land, the excitement from Friday’s comeback win was erased with a soaking, late starting Mets game on Sunday which they dropped 4-2. With thunderstorms in the forecast tonight, the Mets are literally and figuratively raining on my 2018 Baseball Parade.

Noah Syndergaard was pushed all the way back to tonight thanks to off days and rain outs. He is 2-1 over 8 games and 46.2 innings with a 3.09 ERA, 2.78 FIP, 1.200 WHIP and 125 ERA+. In the month of May he has allowed 5 runs in 12.0 innings from 16 hits and 5 walks while striking out only 8. He faced the Blue Jays all the way back in his rookie season of 2015 where he held them to 1 run and 2 hits with 2 walks in 6.0 innings while striking out 11. The Blue Jays have the following numbers against Syndergaard:

  • Grichuk 0-3, BB
  • Diaz 1-3
  • Donaldson 0-3
  • Moralez 1-3, 2B
  • Solarte 1-3
  • Pillar 0-2

The Mets get to see an old foe in a new place: Jaime Garcia. The long time Cardinal ended up in Atlanta, Minnesota and in the Bronx in 2017 and is now in Toronto. He is 2-2 over 7 games and 35.0 innings with a 5.40 ERA, 5.92 FIP, 1.571 WHIP and 84 ERA+. He is coming off his second best start of the season where he allowed 2 runs, 1 earned, over 5.0 innings from 3 hits and 5 walks. Between April 17th and May 3rd, he made 4 starts where each one he allowed 1 additional run over the other (so 3 runs, 4 runs, 5 runs, 6 runs). Tell that one to your friends, they will politely tell you that was interesting. His 2017 debut was against the Mets last year and he allowed 4 runs over 6.0 innings. Two months later he held the Mets to 2 runs over 7.0 innings and two months after that the Mets got him for 3 runs over 5.1 innings. The Mets have the following numbers against him:

  • Bruce 12-58, 2 2B, HR, 2 BB, 16 K
  • Reyes 7-24, 2B, 2 BB
  • Frazier 6-23, 2 2B
  • Cabrera 4-14, 2 2B
  • Flores 4-12, 2B, 2 HR
  • Lagares 3-9, 2B
  • Cespedes 1-8, 2B
  • Conforto 3-7, 2 2B

Let’s Go Mets!

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