Game Preview: Mets @ Padres

Yesterday did not go the way the Mets planned it in their head. Jason Vargas was supposed to be the steady, innings eater on the team. Not fantastic, but not terrible. The type of pitcher that if the team scored the average amount of runs they should in a game, the Mets should have a 50/50 chance of the winning the game. That wasn’t in the cards last night as the Padres lit up Vargas and now the Mets find themselves looking at Zack Wheeler to salvage the series win.

Wheeler is 1-1 over 3 games and 17.0 innings with 8 ER from 15 hits and 6 walks this year leading to a 4.24 ERA, 4.53 FIP, 1.235 WHIP and 92 ERA+. After his dominate first start, pitching 7.0 innings allowing 1 run, he was average in his next start allowing 3 over 6.0 and he was bad in his last start allowing 4 over 4.0. The last time he saw the Padres was back in 2014 where he allowed 5 runs off 14 hits and 4 walks in 11.0 innings while striking out 11. The Padres have the following numbers against him:

  • Headley 3-8, 2B
  • Galvis 1-6
  • Hosmer 0-2
  • Ellis 0-2
  • Ross 1-2

The Mets draw Bryan Mitchell who is 0-2 in 5 starts this year and 25.0 innings with a 5.76 ERA, 6.94 FIP, 1.880 WHIP and 117 ERA+. He has had one great start this year against the Astros where he shut them out in 5.2 innings. In his other games he has allowed 5 over 5.0, 3 over 3.0, 3 over 6.0 and 5 over 5.1. As a member of the Yankees last year, he allowed 4 runs off 3 hits against the Mets with a walk, while recording no outs. The Mets have the following numbers against him:

  • Cespedes 0-2
  • Gonzalez 0-2
  • Cabrera 1-1
  • Nimmo 0-0, BB

Lets Go Mets!

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