2018 Non Roster Invite: Tim Tebow

I never really thought I would be writing this article, but here we go. The Mets gave Tim Tebow and invite to Spring Training.

Last year I took a road trip to see the Mets play in Miami and I stopped in Columbia on the way down from Jersey which meant I saw Tim Tebow. Physically, he’s still a quarter back and made the other players on the field look like children because they were compared t him. He was 7.5 years older than the average player in the South Atlantic League. The fans though absolutely love him. I want to be a Tebow hater but I had a lot of fun at that game.

Let’s focus on Tebow stats though. In 244 PAs for Columbia he hit .220/.311/.336 and then in St. Lucie he slashed .231/.307/.356. He’s not going to be a star, but he is working incredibly hard almost to the point I feel bad berating him when the Mets signed him in 2016.

Him playing is still a bit of gimmick. If he makes it to the majors in 2018 it will almost definitely be a gimmick. But what if he plays decently in Binghamton? What if he starts off decently in Syracuse in 2019? What if the Mets stay thin with outfielders? I thought it was impossible for Tebow to make the team last year but now, there really is a path for Tebow to get ABs in September 2019 or 2020.

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